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Bhutan a beautiful country and happy people

Dear Sonam, Thanks for your kind note. Sorry for not getting back to you after the return. We are back to reality/work and busy schedule. Our trip was amazing, you have a beautiful country and happy people!!!! Will definitely share some experience and pictures with you and Ugyen soon. Many thanks for arranging the great tour!!! Much appreciated! "Thank you Sonam for arranging the tour, also a big thanks to our guide and driver Ugyen and Kundu who were passionate, friendly, fun and knowledgeable in all aspects. We had an amazing time with so much spirituality, beauty and happiness! Bhutan truly is the happiest place on earth!" Best regards, Julia and Sebastian

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Happy with all my Bhutan experience

Kuzu, Sangay! Here’s my written feedback - Ya lama kheno, Bhutan was spectacular! I came back from the trip…richer in knowledge and friendships, wiser about life (thanks to all the discussions on Buddhism with my guide), and happier what with all my experiences in Bhutan. My guide, Kezang Wangchuk was just brilliant! Professional, knowledgeable, witty, friendly, patient. And my driver, Tshering Wangchuk was really impressive! Fantastic driving skills, I never felt safer. I was also happy with the itinerary, the sights, the hotels, the flight, the road trips, the vehicle. I think Druk Asia did a great job. Other Druk Asia customers that I met during my 7 days, had nothing but praises for their guide and driver. Thank you! And my online contact for Druk Asia based in Singapore, Sangay Dorj.

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Bhutan a world apart

Druk Asia has handled my February 2015 trip with care and professionalism that far exceeded my expectations. I really can't thank - or recommend - them enough. From the top management to the driver, from the guide to the agent in Singapore, everyone has extended their utmost courtesy and displayed sincere interest in planning the trip according to my own needs and desires. Hotel staff in Lobesa and Thimphu were extremely caring and attentive. Bhutan has been attracting my attention for a long time, on both personal and professional levels, considering that I'm an academic specialized in development and sustainability studies. It's a unique place, a way of life. Inevitably, there's a lot for visitors to take in. Prolonging your stays in any given place in the country would allow you to "s

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Grateful to all Bhutan experience

Dear Sonam, Kuzuzangpo La! We are back now after we had extended short stays in Bangkok from Bhutan. Out trip was absolutely wonderful and we were so grateful to all the experiences during our stay in Bhutan. Thank you so much for your arranging our trip. The weather was perfect for us during our stay. The guide, Tarchu, the driver, Wangchu are so experienced. Their hospitality, sensitive consideration to our day to day schedule, flexibility to adjust to our conditions were very grateful. They were such pleasant people to travel with. Jingmi, the photographer is like our son and he made us feel like we were travelling with our son.

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Bhutan trip was better than expected

Hi, Sonam! The trip was amazing! Bhutan was even better than I was expecting. Sure, I have some pictures I can share with you - and you can use without restrictions. They are in a different computer, so I will send to you later. If I do not send, please remind me - I have a busy week ahead. Thank you for all your help and for assigning Ring and Diwash as my guide and driver (they are really nice guys). Regards,

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I had the most amazing experience in Bhutan

Dear Sonam, I want to say a huge thank you, Kadin chey! I had the most amazing experience in Bhutan, it's difficult to know where to start! The service was incredible from the outset, my guide Tashi and driver Tingley, were incredibly warm and kind, and very professional. The highlights for me were: a Tango monastery on the first full day of touring, walking the amazing 4km nature trail through the alpine forest and across the higher elevation plains to see the beautiful cranes in Gangtey (and the traditional farmhouse lunch I had there in Gangtey), and then of course visiting the powerfully beautiful tigers nest. Every day was truly so etching new and different, I felt like I saw so much in my short week there!

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Bhutan a really beautiful country with interesting history and culture

Hi Sangay, Thanks for your email. The trip was fantastic, really beautiful country, interesting history and culture. Positives: Well organised; very friendly and helpful guide and driver - Passang was incredibly knowledgable and friendly. Our drivers (Tahndo and Sangay) were both very friendly and drove well. On the last night our guide even organised a special dinner based on our requests. The restaurant even opened especially for us! We felt very special and it was delicious. Every hotel was terrific, the car was maintained in IMMACULATE condition. We were very well tended to. THe hikes were also a highlight Negatives: Maybe a little repetitive at times - we learnt a lot about Bhudist history, which was great, but at times we had the same story a few times. Buffets - so many buffets!

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An awesome experience in beautiful Bhutan

Hello Sonam, We had an awesome experience in your beautiful country. Everything was so perfect and I especially was so impressed by our driver Mr. Thinley, a most competent driver - given the dangerous road- conditions - he was a fun and well balanced human being and should be commended by his company. Mr. Haba also was very knowledgeable. How was your trekking experience? We hoped to see you somewhere. I sent the above first picture and text to our local newspaper for publication. I hope you agree with my text. Meiling and Gilda are still traveling and have much better pictures than I do. Thank you for caring. It was nice meeting you – Elisa and Wayne

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Bhutan beautiful mountain views and lush greenery

Hi Sangay, The trip was amazing. I really enjoyed the beautiful mountain views and lush greenery. The hotels we stayed in were nice too, especially Kichu Resort, next to a flowing river. Other things I enjoyed was the Punakha Dzong (was the best dzong due to its location), the picnic lunches, the black neck crane hike (which we went off the hiking trail to get a closer view), and of course, the Tiger's Nest hike. The only criticism I had, which I didn't think to bring up during trip planning was that every dinner was at the hotel I stayed in. I would have enjoyed going out to restaurants instead to try out more of the local foods (since hotels cater to tourists).

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We had a fantastic visit and stay in Bhutan

Dear Sonam, I had only 24 hours to re-pack my suitcase after our visit to India and Bhutan and flew to Paris from I returned yesterday…. so here I am now and make my quick report on our trip. We had a fantastic visit/stay in your wonderful country and for this the maximum credit goes to you, Sonam and our wonderful guide…! You have made for us a 5-star program and this little chap with his intelligence, humour and affection made us feel like a royal member of the royal family. Right from the beginning I felt that you are special – you are not just one of a dozen other tourist agencies, you are indeed special as treated us like your brothers and sisters and we were convinced from the very first minute that nothing can go wrong- and no wonder, nothing went wrong.

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