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Bhutan itself is a beautiful country

Dear Sangay,

The overall experience was wonderful as Bhutan itself is a beautiful country. My only complaint is Taj Tashi. As a 5-star hotel, it DID NOT provide FREE WIFI (we have to pay for it) when most other hotels like Metta (4*) or Naksel or even the airport provide free WIFI. Dinner was also not included at Taj. If you recall, your information to me was a dinner is included if we booked our stay in 5-star hotel.

We did not go to Gangtey as listed in the itinerary as it was not the black neck cranes season. This should be made known to us earlier so that we could plan our leisure activities. As such we had 4 nights in Paro instead, with a free day resting in hotel. Where hotels are concerned, UMA by COMO, whether in Punakha or Paro, are highly recommended. We truly enjoyed our stay there - nice environment, excellent service and great food.

We had a change of Guide - Norbu in Thimphu and Sherab for the rest of the journey. Guides and driver were commendable. Where religion is concerned, I think Norbu is more knowledgeable and experienced, while Sherab is more energetic, caring & took good care of us.

Overall, this trip to Bhutan is one of the most memorable one for us, thanks to Norbu, Sherab, Druk Asia & the staff at UMA by COMO. We plan to return - the next round to Bumthang and Trongsa. Ka ding che la .

Attached is a collage of our favourite pix.

Best Regards