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Amazing Trip to An Amazing Country


What an amazing trip and what an amazing country

I can't thank you, Kammie and your Druk Asia  team enough for a truly fantastic, renergizing Bhutan trip, one of the best journey's  of my life (and I have travelled all over the world for years, like  white water rafting in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, trekking in Nepal, sailing around the Australian great barrier reef etc, etc)

Not just for Bhutan's  beauty, culture and history but also for the many unique, memorable and incredible experiences: my favourite were trekking up  cliffs to get to a monastery, a nunnery and of course Tigers Nest, on all three occasions the visit coincided with mesmerizing Buddhist temple services and interaction with the monks / nuns  / lamas, picnics in awesome locations leaving prayer flags at Chelela pass etc

Another factor was your exceptional guide, Lhawang Dorji, obviously the star of your show, who really contributed to a wonderful trip:  funny , entertaining and a true character, but very thoughtful and smart to adapt the itinerary to what the guests want and a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge, culture, traditions and modern development of Bhutan. As I am sure Kate relayed to you, she myself, and Lhawang (or "How Long" as I called him) had so much fun together, haven't laughed so much in years..... something I did NOT  expect to have in Bhutan!

Meantime once again, Kadrin chhe la so much for this wonderful Bhutan experience  and all your diligent efforts and organization towards this trip, have a great weekend ahead! 

Warm wishes from Bali

Samantha Coomber

Travel Writer and Editor