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Bhutan Tour with wonderful guide and Driver

Dear Sonam,

I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to my guide, Dechen Dema (Dede). She has been a wonderful guide and friend, who went above and beyond to help me and ensure that I had the best experience in Bhutan. She even helped me with Nu50 when I ran out of cash buying souvenirs! This was beyond her duty but she did it without a second thought. She truly embodied the spirit of the Bhutanese people - giving, helpful, friendly and caring. I couldn't have asked for a better guide.

Dede was also very knowledgeable about Bhutan's history and was patient in answering my many questions. She has a funny personality and added lots of joy and laughter during my trip. She's also very caring and would keep checking in with me to make sure that I'm comfortable, whether I needed a rest or have some water, and snuck extra dishes from the kitchen for me. It's the little thoughts and acts of kindness that make Dede such a wonderful guide.

The driver, Jamyang, is also excellent at navigating the winding roads and mountain passes and made me feel safe. I also appreciate how he always waited patiently for me to finish exploring the Dzongs, Lhakhangs, the long hike to Paro Taktsang and my shopping along the streets of Paro Town.

I'm glad that I became friends with Dede through this trip and it's coincidental that we are both of the same age so we can click really well. Thank you once again for arranging Dede as my guide and Jamyang as my driver. Kadin Chhey!

I will definitely return to Bhutan again and I will be encouraging my parents to make a trip there too. :)


Ailis Lee Yishi