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Enchanting scenery and people of Bhutan

Dear Sangay,

Thanks for your note.

I had a lovely stay in Bhutan.

The weather, scenery, people & tranquillity were all enchanting. Enjoyed the hikes a lot.

My guide (Passang) & driver (Sangay too) were exemplary in their service. They rendered a high standard of professionalism to ensure that I was comfortable & well-informed.

Have indicated in the feedback form that Hotel Dewachen (with its archaic oven-heater) really lacked conduciveness for a comfortable stay. Was not alone in struggling to light a fire & worse still, trying to maintain it through the night. For once, I thought I understood a little bit of what the homeless went through ... sleeping in cold temperature & a very dim room.

Thank you for all the logistical arrangements. It was indeed a fuss-free & worry-free booking process.

Attached are a few shots that other future travellers may like to look at.

Thanks once again & with regards,
Lee Keng