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Humorous guide and driver makes our Bhutan trip enjoyable

Hi Mr Sonam

Thank you so much for your arrangement. We really enjoyed ourselves during our stay in Bhutan especially with the company of our guide – Tobgay and driver – Karma. They are so humours and funny and make our trip so much of enjoyment. Although Mr Karma doesn’t talk a lot, but he is a very cautious person when driving and has a hidden talent to make people feel warm. As for Tobgay, I don’t think I need to say more as he is really a good guide with his humours and funny explanation to relate some ‘dry’ history to a ‘lively’ statement which made us remember forever even we have back to Singapore .

As for the hotel, we would like to express our appreciation during our stay at hotel Lobesa. Their staffs were so attentive, friendly and thoughtful. Although I do not know 1 of the staff’s name, but I really appreciate what she has done for us during our stay. They even offer to clean our muddy shoes (it was raining on that day) after we back to hotel.

I hereby attached some of the memorable photos to mark our happiness during the trip to Bhutan.

Yian Lee