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Simply in Love With Bhutan


1 hr 15 min. Wonderful guide & always so helpful along the trek to others. We like his character where he do not act as a guide, he treat all as friend. Along the trek we help an Indian boy, secondly he encourages other along the trek, and thirdly he fixes the pipe of holy water beside the water fall of tiger nest temple. People walk pass but no one cares, we help him... we succeed! Many more...

Our Last Day can't bear to return to Singapore! Simply love Bhutan too much!

Skillful driver, most importantly is he have such a gentleman character. Along the road he always give way, advise other people along the road of the condition we had experience and jump down to help when we see accident! We are so fortunate to have both of them & we are sure to have them again for our second visit as well as our friend visit!

We just mention that we would like to buy the stick back as memories after we complete our trek to tiger nest temple, surprising our driver buy for us as a gift! He receives us holding the stick high up when we came down from tiger nest temple!