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Visit To The Serene And Charming Bhutan

The 7 days 6 nights trips with Haa valley is a memorable one. My family truly enjoyed the beautiful and charisma Bhutan. Though it was in the midst of the monsoon season, our itinerary was only affected on Day 2. However, the friendly and resourceful Kuenzang (Guide) was able to quickly revise the attraction places to visit to suit the weather and even accommodated my request to seek out the Takin on a Monday!

Kuenzang is very attentive, and remembered our off-track requests and fulfilled them all. He read the mood of the day and is lively, cracking jokes with us on long drives and sharing his personal life and answered our long queries on the day-to-day of a Bhutanese life. He is very patient and paced the whole trip to match our granny steps. Kuenzang is also very knowledgeable in Buddhism and never failed to enlighten us on the different teachings which made the visits to the many temples refreshing and interesting.

Gembo is a superb and experienced driver who maneuvered all those curves and turns round and through those mountains and occasional showers and got us all safely to all our destinations. Gembo even trekked together with us up to the Tiger Nest Monastery to ensure our safety (with Kuenzang leading and Gembo watched our backs). He encouraged us and helped us through those steep and seemingly slippy muddy slopes. Kudos to both Kuenzang and Gembo that we managed those slopes and that fleeting 700+ steps to reach the magnificent Tiger Nest Monastery (extra thanks to them too for helping us carry our heavy bags). In addition, we also managed to hang prayer flags and offered incense offering at Che Le La Pass with the help of both Kuenzang and Gembo.

The food was delicious and suited our taste buds, and I have to say that we were very well fed throughout the trip. The hotels booked by you were great for us to recharge (no barking dogs as opposed to some of the reviews I read on tripadvisor). Maybe one point to enhance the overall stay if I have to name one would be the food served in Metta Spa & Resort. To my own preference, I would like to have Bhutanese cuisine over my hometown food. Having the luxury to taste those special cuisines is a highlight I always look forward to in any trip I made to a new country.

All in all, thank you Sangay for planning the trip and managing my endless queries, and do send my thanks to both Kuenzang and Gembo for making the trip a real Bhutanese experience for my family. Looking forward to visit the serene and charming Bhutan again.

Do feel free to share my review and attached some pictures I took to share.


Best regards,

Sin Fong