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About Druk Asia

Druk Asia understands that planning a trip to Bhutan can be an exhilarating experience, yet at times mind boggling.

Questions like; Is there a tourist quota in Bhutan? How can I arrange a trip to Bhutan? You may not have friends who can confidently answer these questions, after all, only about 50,000 visitors visit Bhutan yearly as of 2011. And this is precisely why Bhutan is often called "The Last Shangri-La".

Druk Asia hopes to be the solution to your questions and aid you in your travel lust to this hidden hamlet. Over the years the team at Druk Asia has travelled to the Kingdom of Bhutan on a regular basis to solve the mysteries of travel within this magical country, transverse many hundreds of miles both in the air and on land.

Druk Asia has established close working relationship with the travel authorities in Bhutan and tied up with the Royal Bhutan Airlines - Drukair to provide a seamless travel experience for our travellers. Our international staff have personally visited many of the hospitality facilities, landmarks, festivals and attractions in this secretive hinterland.

Druk Asia Tours & Treks (in Bhutan) is her tours & treks operation arm in Bhutan, managed by a team of dedicated and committed professionals, with vast experience in the tourism business. Our tour directors have been working in the travel industry since the industry’s infancy in the 1990s; our guides are some of the most knowledgeable and fun guides in the industry and our drivers are seasoned hands at navigating the winding bends of the Bhutanese highways.

Travellers have since then come to us with queries ranging from traditional Bhutanese wedding ceremonies, volunteering opportunities, customized trekking and private journeys.

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