12-17th April 2014
11AM To 7.30PM
Sculpture Square (Chapel Gallery)
Exhibition is free and open to the public

Central to their way of life
The Bhutanese people live and breathe happiness
This unique exhibition endeavours to share that
philosophy through visual arts by Bhutanese and Singaporean artists.

Part proceeds from the sale of the artworks is in aid of underprivileged young artists of the International Young Artists Exchange (IYAE) fund and VAST studio, Bhutan.


Bhutan Art Exhibition
12-17 APRIL 2014
11 AM TO 7.30 PM

For the artists in the exhibit, the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon is a great source of inspiration. After all, Bhutan evokes a land where myths and legends come alive--a place where one can find the true essence of peace and happiness. The country's picturesque sights spark the artists' creativi .... Read More »
History of Bhutan - Book Launch
12th APRIL 2014
2.00 PM TO 4.30 PM

The History of Bhutan is a groundbreaking work, the first-ever to chronicle the entire history of the kingdom in English. Combining traditional perspectives and modern academic analysis, the volume is an account of Bhutan's rich history and includes comprehensive discussions about the land's geog .... Read More »
Conservation & Happiness
13th APRIL 2014
2.00 PM TO 4.30 PM

Forgotten Treasures - Film Screening
This is a journey where tradition blends with modernity, a fascinating story of an ancient world grappling with change.
The film shows how experts use new techniques to strengthen age-old structures and carefully reveal paintings on walls .... Read More »

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Our Artists & Speakers

Asha Kama
I first encountered western art when I was young boy studying in one of the first exclusive public school in Thimphu. Leaving my conventional English school I spent several years as an apprentice studying the religious and mythological art of Bhutan at the National Fine Art Centre.

I .... Read More »
Rinchen Wangdi
Educated in Thimphu, Bhutan, I followed high school graduation with an apprenticeship for local artists at the institute of language and cultural studies in Thimphu. In 1998 I jointed VAST Bhutan (voluntary artist’s studio of Thimphu) and became a fulltime volunteer and tutor. I have actively par .... Read More »
Cherngzhi Lian
Landscape paintings of Bhutan
For the past year, I had been travelling with my sketchbook on a monthly basis. To date, I have travelled to Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Florence, Berlin, Ohio, New York, Sydney, Yogyakarta, Cambodia, Beijing, Nanjing, Taiwan and Bhutan.
I have vi .... Read More »
Dr Karma Phuntsho
(Dr) Lopen Karma Phuntsho is the Director for Shejun Agency for Bhutan’s Cultural Documentation and Research. He was a Research Associate at Department of Social Anthropology and Spalding Fellow for Comparative Religions at Clare Hall, Cambridge University and a researcher at CNRS, Paris. Dr Phunt .... Read More »

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