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Best Time to Visit Bhutan

Updated on 23rd Dec 2023
Written by Joni Herison

Spring | Summer | Fall | Winter

Spring and Autumn are the best time to visit Bhutan. Having said so, summer and winter have their own draws and attractions.

Spring is the favourite time to visit Bhutan. Nature lovers who are keen on local flora should consider visiting Bhutan end of April or in May. Flowers would be in full bloom then.

Bhutan Spring
Months March, April, May
Recommends Gomkora (Festival in Trashigang) The Jacaranda blossoms at Punakha Dzong in mid-May Jomolhari Trek & Drukpath Trek from mid-april til end-May

Note The Paro Tshechu usually takes place in early April. This is the best chance to meet the King of Bhutan as he often makes his way to the festivities between the 3rd and last day.

The ever-popular 5-day Paro Tshechu also means that Paro will be teeming with travellers. Hotels & services may be overwhelmed as the better hotels and guides would have been pre-booked. Drukair tickets would be fully sold out by January.

Testimonials from Druk Asia travellers
So glad we (Min & Karen) booked the trip with DrukAsia who took care of everything. Bhutan is indeed magical and tranquil - one gazes with wonder at the vastness of mountains, boundless sky, the rich culture and traditions. Read More

Koh Karen
Singapore, April 2023
Thank you DrukAsia for fulfilling my bucket list in such a memorable way. The planning and coordination were great to Bhutan - from itinerary, hotel, food. It is an expensive trip but it certainly help to make it worth-while with the coordination. Read More

Singapore, March 2023
It was such an amazing and unforgettable experience, with warm hospitality from both our guide (Kinely Tshering) and driver (Namgyel). Undoubtedly the best guide and driver we have had. Caring, attentive, accommodating, and warm.Read More

Yu Ting Tan
Singapore, April 2023


If you like to avoid the higher tariff and the cold of winter, consider visiting Bhutan early June. If the monsoon is late, the whole of June will be great for traveling. Monsoon will be in its earnest in July. Having said so, our personal experience with monsoon in Bhutan has been limited to afternoon light shower once every 2 to 3 days. Some outlying district such as Gangtey can be given a miss as the country road can be swollen with mud. Summer often offers vibrant green foresting and flourishing paddy fields against a backdrop of the clear blue sky after the rain.

Bhutan Summer
Months June, July, August
Recommends Nimalung Tshechu in June
Kurjey Tshechu in late June celebrates a very important holy sites of Guru Rinpoche.

Note The summer season sees a lower level of tourists as many have the misconception that Bhutan may experience a rainy deluge similar to many parts of South Asia. This is not true. Though it dubbed the monsoon, Bhutan experiences relatively light rain with most rainfall confined to the late afternoon and does not affect most travellers’ itinerary.

Read about summer in Bhutan

Testimonials from Druk Asia travellers
Wow, words may not be able to describe the most breathtaking solo cultural immersion journey, organised through Druk Asia! Its indeed magical in the land of the thunder dragon! I was greeted by 2 young gentleman with the biggest smiles, dressed in their traditional ghos waiting at the arrivals. Soon to be the best companions of my incredible journey. Introducing my guide Mr Sonam and driver Mr Chencho. Read More

Allen Wen
Singapore, June 2023
I had the fantastic luck to be one of the first tourist let into Bhutan after Covid. I just finished a 12 day tour and i do not possess the words to relay the beauty and magic of this wonderful country! I had booked a trip 4 treats ago and had to postpone, then Covid and I finally arrived on July 21, 2022. I Was solo on this trip and loved everything about it. I took the cultural trip and my guide and driver were fantastic. Read More

Molly Bogdan Dalton
Mexico, July 2022
Yes, I really do enjoyed my stay in Bhutan. It was really a splendid place to find my peace in Bhutan. I believed I did not make the wrong choice to Bhutan and even choose Drukasia as the agency to travel with. I had a great time during my hikes, water rafting, my stay in the reommended 3 stars hotels.Read More

Mandy Ong
Singapore, August 2019


Fall is another high and crowded season for Bhutan. Though Bhutan does not offer browning forest nor Maples, the mild weather in autumn makes it a perfect time to visit Bhutan. Thimphu Festival usually takes places at the end of September or early October.

Bhutan Fall
Months September, October, November
Recommends Black-Necked Crane Festival - Stay with a local villager in the beautiful valley of Phobjikha and witness the one day Black-Necked Crane Festival and do your part to help nature conservation!

October - see the valleys turn into a shade of gold as rice farmers prepare to harvest their rice crops.

Note In late-september, the Thimphu Tshechu is a grand affair in the modern capital of Bhutan. Just like Paro Tshechu, good hotels would be fully booked, and service level do suffers. Thimphu tshechu also occurs about the same time as Wangdi tshechu and the chance to attend two festival on one trip is always very tempting but WATCH out for the crowd

Another crowded festival calendar, this time in central Bhutan is the Jakar, Jambay Lhakhang Drup & Prakar Tshechu. Trongsa of travellers pays homage to the Switzerland of Asia at this time to attend the mysterious Jambay festivities that was fabled for its bonfire dance of 20 masked and naked dancers

If you would like to attend this festival, do be prepared to stay in some less comfortable hotels too.

Testimonials from Druk Asia travellers
We just finished our trip a couple days ago and I wanted to let you and Druk Asia know that the tour exceeded our expectations and we greatly enjoyed our time in Bhutan! I was very impressed with our guide, Kinley, and our driver, Tashi.Read More

Jo Lee
Singapore, October 2022
We are glad the we have an amazing, unforgettable and peaceful trip in the holy land of Bhutan from 29 Sep to 5 Oct 2019. With Pasang Lhamo as our guide for the 7 days make the trip really fun and engaging as she is able to fulfill the changes on the itinerary as well as organized it well, provide constructive feedback to enhance it really well. Read More

Lim Choon Hoe
Singapore, September 2019
Completed our tour in September 2019. We are pleased to have Ugyen and "Joker" with us, whom had been very helpful, fine-tuned our itinerary to help us feel comfortable.
They took good care of our family and our old parent. We were lucky that weather was warmer than previous weeks so the hotels were very comfortable.Read More

Lay Suu Lee
Singapore, September 2019


To avoid the crowd and catch the Black-Necked Cranes, winter would be the time to go. To catch Himalayan blue sky without paying the additional tariff, consider visiting Bhutan in December. The temperature will not be too cold yet as lowest temperature usually takes places near the end of January. In January or February, Paro and Thimphu may experience a one-day snow.

Bhutan Winter
Months December, January, February
Recommends Punakha Dromche & Tshechu in February - The Punakha Dromche & Tshechu is a week-long celebration of the founding of Bhutan in the 1600s. The festivities take place around the ancient capital and most beautiful dzong in Bhutan. The mild weather of lower Punakha also makes this town a great winter escape for the Bhutanese.
Trongsa Tshechu - The Trongsa Tshechu takes place in the Trongsa Dzong, is an intimate affair with only a small handful of attending travellers. This festival has some of the most elaborate festival costume for the dancing lamas.

Note Expect snowfall in mid-Jan till early Feb.
Extreme weather and heavy snowfall may render the roads to central & eastern Bhutan un-passable.

For more about winter in Bhutan, please continue to read
- Attractions on November
- Bhutan in December Winter

Testimonials from Druk Asia travellers
Highly recommend DrukAsia for travel to Bhutan. Excellent organization and knowledgeable ground staff, flexible itineraries, and reasonable prices. Memorable vacation made possible because of DrukAsia. Read More

Nimmi Mital
India, February 2023
Bhutan is the most enchanting, ethereal, and exciting country my partner and I have ever travelled to! Entering Bhutan was like being transported to a classic period drama, infused with sophisticated modern technology. In particular, our experience was made truly magical and mesmerising by the tour guide (Sonam lhendup B) and driver (Karpola) Druk Asia assigned us with.Read More

Kristina Kim
Australia, February 2023
I want to take this opportunity to thank Druk Asia for letting me have possibly one of my favourite travel experiences, and making sure I was well taken care of throughout the entire trip. I left Bhutan with a heavy heart--not wanting to leave such a beautiful place behind.Read More

Chrisma Ng
Singapore, January 2020

International Arrival by Month
About 20 percent of international tourists arrive in the month of October. We would highly recommend travelers to book at least three months in advance if you are considering of traveling in the month of October. Travelers who would like to avoid the crowd but enjoy the best weather may want to consider the month of May and November. If you would like to save as much as possible with the lowest possible price, consider traveling in June or December. You would enjoy the low season price while still having favourable weather.

International Arrival

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