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In Bhutan's spectacular Himalayan mountains, there's a trek called the Snowman, known as the hardest hike in the world. This adventure takes you over eleven high passes, way up where the air is thin, at more than 4,500 meters above the ground. Most of your time, you're walking in places higher than most mountains, in air so crisp and scenery so beautiful, it feels like another planet. This journey tests how strong you are, not just in body but in spirit too. You'll walk through places so quiet and untouched, it's like stepping back in time. The Snowman Trek is more than a challenge; it's a chance to see the world in a way few people do, surrounded by giant peaks and endless skies. It's about finding out what you're made of, while walking the wild paths of Bhutan's towering mountains.After hearing about the incredible journey that is the Snowman Trek, you might feel the call of Bhutan's majestic mountains. But don't worry if you're not ready for the world's toughest trek just yet. We offer a variety of Bhutan trekking packages designed for every level of adventure seeker. Druk Asia’s Bhutan trekking packages are customized for various durations and difficulties suitable for the novice and professional. There are short treks ranging from a few days to month-long treks taking you to the remotest part of Bhutan. The adventurous can also attempt the toughest trek in the world, the Lunana Snowman Trek.

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Imagine waking up to the serene beauty of Bhutan's sunrise, with a day ahead filled with cultural wonders and the thrill of a short trek leading to breathtaking views of the iconic Taktsang Monastery from above. Book now for an adventure!
Embark on Bhutan's most beloved trek, where every turn reveals magical landscapes, a rich diversity of flora and fauna, and the awe-inspiring majesty of Mount Jomolhari. Let’s plan your trekking tour now!
DrukPath Trek, a beautiful 9-day trek that starts at Ta Dzong, Paro and ends at the road above the Takin Sanctuary, Thimphu. Let’s plan your trip now!
Discover Bhutan's beauty on a 10-Day Walking Day Tour with Druk Asia. Enjoy a private, guided exploration of stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. Book this Bhutan trekking tour now!
Soi Yaksa Trek is yet another beautiful and adrenaline pumping trek in Bhutan, filled with beautiful scenery with some climbs. Book now for an unforgettable adventure!
Explore the hidden gems of Bhutan with our 18-Day Merak Sakteng Trek. From East to West, trek into untouched landscapes, immersing in unique culture. Ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Join us now!
Experience Bhutan's wild beauty on a 10-day 9-night trekking tour. This private, guided tour offers an unparalleled journey through natural environments and undisturbed wildlife areas. Discover the splendor of Bhutan now!
Join our 9-Day Dagala Thousand trek and conquer the climb from Geynikha to the majestic Takakha Gomp. See breathtaking views and transformative experiences. Book now for an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary!
A 21 days travel plan through the mesmerizing northern part of Bhutan via the Laya Gasa Trek. This is the best if you're a walker; explore the finest things in Bhutan. Book a trip now!
As one of the world’s most difficult mountain excursions, the Snowman Trek offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, see the majestic Himalayas, and push your body to its limits. Let’s plan your trip today!
Discover Bhutan's beauty and trek through pristine forests, with stunning village and cloud-kissed mountain views. Ready for an unforgettable journey? Book your adventure now!
Explore the historic Sinchula Trek, a journey once taken by monks and villagers between Thimphu and Punakha. Experience the charm of this low-altitude trail and connect with Bhutan's past. Book now!
Experience the thrill of this Bhutan trekking tour. Cross ten high passes over 4,500 m, marking the borders of Bhutan and Tibet. A journey for the adventurous at heart. Book your epic trek now!

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Our tour around Bhutan, arranged for by SoulTrips, was wonderful and exceeded all of our expectations. Every detail was well planned and executed by all concerned. Even the weather cooperated! The places we visited were amazing, the food perfectly prepared, the driver safe and friendly, our guide (Dorji) was knowledgeable, attentive and friendly. I really like flying Drukair too - it's now my favorite small airline. The aircraft was clean and comfortable. The service at every stage was excellent and the staff attentive and friendly.

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William Russ

William Russ, February 2024
United States

Star Rating 1
I am not a religious person. In fact I am an Atheist. You who is reading this would probably be wondering why then did I go to Bhutan, a famously staunch Buddhist country full of Bhuddhist temples? The reason I had to go Bhutan, was to answer a strong spiritual call. Yes, I traveled solo to Bhutan from Sg. I had no idea what to expect, not knowing much about the country except that the people were happier than anywhere else in the world. I have no experience in hiking (typical spoilt Singaporean!), trekking, not been in high altitudes or any environment that ain't "clean".

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Ling Y

Ling Y, February 2024

Star Rating 2
We embarked on a remarkable 10-day journey in Bhutan with the invaluable assistance of Druk Asia, and our experience was elevated by the exceptional support provided by Sangay Dorji. Sangay's expertise and profound understanding of Bhutan surpassed our expectations as he diligently collaborated with us to craft a meticulously planned itinerary. His insights extended beyond the conventional, enlightening us on aspects we hadn't even considered prior to our adventure.

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Dan Lee

Dan Lee, November 2023

Star Rating 1
What an extraordinary trip. I have wanted to visit the himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan for many years. At last I made it there with the help of you and your wonderful team. From beginning to end it was wonderful. I was hoping to visit a land unspoilt by the rigours of the modern world, and the land of the Thunder Dragon did not disappoint. The scenery was awe inspiring from the dramatic himalayan mountains to the lush fertile valleys and everything in between. I loved the woodland hikes in Thimphu and Phobjikha. Truly Shangri-la.

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Alison B

Alison B, October 2023
United Kingdom

Star Rating 2
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5 Things To Expect When You Book Druk Asia’s Bhutan Trekking Packages

Hotel Booking Choose A Hotel Or Homestay Located Near The Iconic Tiger's Nest Monastery For An Immersive Experience
Picnic Arrange Scenic Picnic Lunches & Collaboratively Plan Each Day's Itinerary With Unparalleled Flexibility
Culture Add A Visit To Local Festivals And Witness The Rich Tapestry Of Bhutanese Traditions
Activity Personalize Your Adventure With Customizable Itineraries, Choosing To Add More Hiking Options Or Reduce It
Buthanese Experience Enhance Your Journey With Authentic Bhutanese Experiences By Adding Experiential Activities (Archery, Farm Visit And More)

Look no further and arrange a consultation to come up with your dream Bhutan itinerary with our travel agents.

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At Druk Asia, we specialize in showing the magic of Bhutan to travellers from all over the world. As the official representative of Bhutan's national carrier, Royal Bhutan Airlines (Drukair), a licensed tour operator in Bhutan, Singapore, and Malaysia, we provide all the services you need for a safe and memorable adventure in the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Druk Asia handles all your trip management from ticketing and VISA application to itinerary arrangements - just reach out to our friendly consultants and we'll whip up the best Bhutan travel plan for you.

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6 Reasons Why Travelers Choose Our Bhutan Trekking Tours / Tour Packages

We support everyone from single travellers to large group tours on private, business, VIP, pilgrimage, and school trips to Bhutan.


Guaranteed Visa Approval, Else You Don’t Pay A Single Cent

We have guaranteed each and every one of our travellers' Bhutan visa issuance or we refund every dollar.


Enjoy The Freedom Of Departing On Any Day That Fits Your Schedule

With Druk Asia, we give every traveler the ultimate travel flexibility. You don't have to join a fixed departure group - just pick your day.

Hotel Room

Stay In Clean And Top-Rated Hotels Located Near Top Tourist Destinations

We only book you into the hotels we love and would visit again. Experience convenience by staying in hotels located near major tourist attractions – all handpicked for the exceptional experiences they offer.

Customize Trip

Enjoy Custom Hotel Stays, Trekking Spots, Festival Scheduling, And More!

Every part of your trip is customized, which means you can create your own special trip by adding short treks, upgrading your hotel stays, witnessing a festival, or even attending a wedding.


Experience Uninterrupted Travel Focused Solely On Sightseeing & Cultural Immersion

With Druk Asia, you'll enjoy a seamless journey free from hidden shopping stops, often included by others for commissions, focusing your time solely on the destination.


Travel With Ease, Knowing Everything's Paid For Upfront

You won't need to make any additional payments during your trip. There are no hidden costs or taxes. Your Bhutan tour, trip, tourism, and travel package includes all meals, accommodations, entry fees to attractions, etc.

Customize Every Aspect Of Your Bhutan Trip Package, From Hotel Selection, Itinerary and Transportation To Food Preference, With Help From Our Expert Travel Agents

Join more than 17,996+ travelers who leverage on our expertise to build the perfect trip to Bhutan


What you can expect from us

  • Let us guarantee your visa or all your money returned
  • Choose your hotel or homestay
  • Customize your activity within a day
  • Add a visit to festival
  • Add more hiking option or reduce hiking
  • Add experiantal activities e.g. archery, farm visit and cooking session

Frequently Asked Questions About Bhutan Trekking Tour Packages

The best time for a Bhutan trekking tour is during the spring and autumn seasons, typically from March to May and September to November. These months offer pleasant weather and clear skies for the best trekking experience.

Physical fitness is essential for Bhutan trekking tours as they involve hiking at various altitudes. It's important to be in good health, have prior trekking experience, and acclimatize properly to the high altitudes to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

To trek in Bhutan, you'll need a Bhutanese visa and a trekking permit. At Druk Asia, we assist you in obtaining the necessary permits and documents as part of our tour packages to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Our cancellation policy varies depending on the specific tour package you choose. We recommend reviewing the terms and conditions for each package on our website or contacting us directly for detailed information about cancellations and refunds.

Yes, at Druk Asia, we offer customization options for our Bhutan trekking tour packages. You can tailor your itinerary to suit your preferences, including selecting specific trekking routes and adding unique experiences to create your ideal adventure.

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