Your Bhutan Travel Guides

Druk Asia has 14 full time professional guides in its service. They are accompanied by 10 full time drivers. Here, we feature some of our most senior guides in the team. More profiles to come once we have the opportunity to do so.

Kinley Wangdi

Kinley Wangdi is a happy going man. He has been with Druk Asia for the past 7 years and among our senior guides. Recently, he helped ABS CBN, a TV network from Philippines, in organizing their filming in Bhutan. .... Read More »

Ugyen Tshewang

Ugyen specializes in leading big group tours. He led the Gap Adventure groups and most recently students group from Raffles Institution, Singapore. He is learning Chinese and would be spending sometime in China to pick up the language. He has been guiding for us for the past 6 years. Specialize in Sr Cultural Guide, St Trekking Guide, Tour Leader   .... Read More »

Lhawang Dorji

Lhawang has been a Bhutan guide for the past 8 years. He has been Druk Asia for the past 6 years and completed Snow Man Trek thrice. He has completed Jumolhari Trek more than 6 times. Being a guide has allowed him to travel widely through the friendships he has made with travelers. He just returned from a two month stay in Spain in 2012. He has also traveled to South East Asia. .... Read More »

Kinley Gyeltshen

Kinley Gyeltshen specializes with cultural tour in Bhutan and has completed Snow Man Trek twice. .... Read More »

Dorji Tshering

Dorji Tshering specializes in cultural tour and has been with us since 2005. .... Read More »


Tobgay is our most senior guide and has been in the tourism industry since its inception in 1996. He has been a guide ever since and has completed Snow Man Trek, the hardest trek in the world, more than 20 times. In the 1990s, he contributed 6 months of his time towards rebuilding the Tiger Nest Monastery after it was burnt down. .... Read More »

Jigme Dorji

Started guiding in 2006 Japanese Basic Language Course for 6 months in 2007 Passed Grade 12 in 2004 from Jakar HSS, Bumthang Completed Trek/Tour Jumolhari Trek- more 10 times; Druk Path Trek, Sagala Trek, Laya Gasa Trek, Gangtey Trek, BumThang Cultural Trek, Samtengang Trek, Bumdra Trek Culture Tour- covered whole Bhutan Interest/hobby- trekking and hiking with friends and tourist .... Read More »

Ugyen Tenzin

A political science graduate, Ugyen Tenzin has an intense passion for the flora and fauna of Bhutan and a specialist guide for travelers interested all things green, birds and mammals. Originally hailed from Eastern Bhutan, Ugyen settles in the outskirts of Thimphu with his wife and son. When not guiding,  he spends his off-days tending to his plot filled with apple trees, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, asparagus,  herbs and a brood of chickens. The family’s farm is just a .... Read More »


Chunjur took part in the Royal Civil Servant Examination and was awarded a scholarship to study Interior Design in JeJu University South Korea. Upon completion, he pursued his second degree in Bachelor in Business Management in Indian Academy Bangalore University. Chunjur freelanced for Druk Asia in 2011 and joined the team as a full time guide in 2012. He is fluent in 5 languages Bhutanese, English, Korean, Hindi and Nepali. He is specialized in Korean speaking tour and cultural tour. N .... Read More »

Phub Tshering

Started guiding in 2007, Grade 12 passed from Himali Boarding School (Kurseong) Completed Degree in 2006 from North Bengal University in India Completed Trek/Tour Druk Path, Jumolhari Trek, Gangtey Trek, Bumthang Cultural trek, Gogona Trek Cultural Tour- West-East-South Interest/hobby- Photography .... Read More »

Mrs. Tshering Palden

Started guiding in 2008 Attended GNH workshop in 2010 Iconography Refresher Course in 2010 Flora and Fauna Course conducted by ABTO Grade 12 in 2003 from Ugyen Acedamy, Punakha Achievements Druk Path Sinchula Trek Samtengang Trek Merak-Sakteng Trek Covered the whole Bhutan and its root. Interest/hobby Birding and language .... Read More »