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I had always dreamt of visiting Bhutan with limited knowledge about the country. Fortunately, I came across Soultrips, a private tour service for Bhutan, and decided to inquire. Sangay, the Travel Specialist, promptly responded, and after discussions with my family, we chose Bhutan for our year-end trip. We opted for the 10-day tour, and I entrusted all arrangements to Sangay, who proved to be highly responsive and helpful throughout. He even checked in during our trip to ensure everything was going well, showing a high level of customer service. Upon arrival, our guide, Sonam, and driver, Kinzang, welcomed us. Sonam impressed us with his knowledge, friendliness, and keen observations. He took care of us, arranged authentic Bhutanese meals, and shared detailed insights about the country. Kinzang, the driver, ensured a safe and comfortable journey. We thoroughly enjoyed Bhutanese cuisine, thanks to Sonam's recommendations, and appreciated the quality of the hotels with their traditional settings and excellent service. Bhutan left a deep impression on us with its amazing landscapes, nature preservation efforts, and the harmonious coexistence of people and animals.

My recent trip to Bhutan with Soul Trips was undoubtedly an expensive venture, considering the daily spend, visa fees, and airfare. It is not possible to visit this country unescorted and there has to be a guide and a driver assigned. (Even if you are 1 person) Booking and paper work was settled very quickly by Sangay. It was fuss-free and he responded to our queries promptly. The premium price tag was justified by the exceptional service and experiences provided by the company. One of the standout aspects of our trip was the excellent guide arranged by Soul Trips. Suraj, our guide stood out for his attentiveness and proficiency in English. He not only efficiently managed the standardized itinerary, which seemed common among various travel companies but also enriched our journey with stories about the places we visited. Perhaps it was winter, but some evenings concluded as early as 5 pm. There is a standardized dinner time of 7-9 pm as well. Instead of dropping us back at the hotel directly, our guide took time to show us around town showed us less touristy areas to shop at before dinner.

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