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ASIA 361, Druk Asia - Discover Breath-taking Bhutan Travel Fair

In a travel fair held at ION Orchard from 18-30 October 2016, Druk Asia gave a glorious display of Bhutanese culture through the works of a National Geographic photographer – Cyril Jazbec. There were also live demonstrations of Bhutanese loom weaving and visitors also got to don the national dress of Bhutan for photo-taking sessions. Another highlight of the travel fair is the sampling of Bhutanese culinary delights. The event was a great success as visitors got a sweet taste of the ‘happiness’ of Bhutan.


DATE PUBLISHED : October 2016

Zaobao, Priceless Happiness

Managing Editor of ZB, Dr Ng King Kang, wrote that ‘Before setting foot into Bhutan, I had never shed tears at the end of any trip.’ His poignant statement is a reflection of his life-changing trip to Bhutan which brought him back to a world where for once, he could really ‘say hello again to that long-lost feeling of sincerity and relaxation’. Having been so used to a fast-paced, urbanised life in Singapore where everywhere you turn, crowds of people are glued to their phones, the relaxed atmosphere in Bhutan where people still interact with warmth and honesty is a stark contrast. Dr Ng recommends Bhutan as the paradise which one can ‘seek out the utopias’ that reside within our hearts.

PUBLICATION        : Zaobao

DATE PUBLISHED : October 2016


Druk Asia was humbled to be featured in Mashable in an article titled The places you'll go by Jessica Plautz
"The Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan doesn't get as much attention as Nepal, making it a great destination for people who are more interested in seeing another way of life than having everything according to what they're used to. Hillside monasteries on the eastern edge of the Himalayas can be difficult to reach, but that makes them all the more rewarding to experience.
Bhutan ascribes to a tourism philosophy of low volume, high quality — meaning fewer tourists, and a more authentic experience for those who venture here. Of course, that experience comes at a cost: Booking a trip to Bhutan involves using an approved tour company, like Druk Asia, and accepting that travel in the kingdom will be according to official guidelines."

PUBLICATION        : Mashable

DATE PUBLISHED : January 2016

Her World Plus & Female Brides

Druk Asia was privileged to host the first bridal fashion shoot by a few major Asian publications. This was a special collaboration between Her World Plus, Female Brides, Druk Asia, Taj Tashi Thimphu, Drukair and the Tourism Council of Bhutan

The team was led by Editor Steve Thio, a contributing editor, and accompanied by Druk Asia's guide Ugyen Tsawhang. Steve Thio wrote about his experience leading a photo shoot in Her World Plus blog. You will be surprised that these beautifully taken photos were done without additional lighting or set up to spice up the shot.

Her World Plus and Female Brides will be publishing the wedding photos in September 2015. You can get the magazines at the nearest newspaper stand. Her World Plus and Female Brides are publications by the Singapore Press Holding.

Do check our website then for more behind the scenes photos.


PUBLICATION        : Singapore Press Holding

DATE PUBLISHED : September 2015

The Sunday Times, Floating Over Bhutan

Discover a novel new way to experience the exotic Kingdom of Bhutan with Martin Fletcher. Flying with a hot air balloon, he gazed at the beautiful landscapes of the Phobjika Valley, gold-roofed temples, charming white stupas, colourful prayer flags, quaint Bhutanese villages and yaks grazing in the verdant green fields. A truly unique way to savour the scenic beauty of Bhutan.

PUBLICATION        : The Sunday Times

DATE PUBLISHED : August 2015

Stuff New Zealand & Traveller Australia

Michael Gebicki travelled to Bhutan with one question in mind. Why do travellers visit Bhutan? It is not the cheapest country in the world to visit given the minimum tariffs levied. Yet, Bhutan has a strange draw for these visitors. He wrote about his trip in Stuff New Zealand and Traveller.com.au

PUBLICATION        : Stuff New Zealand & Traveller Australia


Today Online, Bhutan in High Spirit

Bryan Fernandez visited Bhutan to investigate for himself if Gross National Happiness is just a marketing gimmick. He found an enchanting country where myths and legends are blurred and traditions are pretty much still alive; they form the fabric of what it means to be a true Bhutanese.

Read more at the following page: http://www.todayonline.com/lifestyle/travel/bhutan-high-spirits

PUBLICATION        : Today


8 DAYS, Travelling with Georgina Chang

Mediacorp Radio’s DJ Georgina Chang who is a globe-trotter, highly recommended Bhutan as a place that must be visited once in a lifetime. She says, “It’s a must-see and must-experience place. The scenery is pure and the vibe is positive. All my friends and I returned home really feeling happy and at peace.”



IS Magazine, Mountains of the Mind

Mention Bhutan and the first thing that comes to mind is the legendary Tiger’s Nest. Ric Stockfis offered new insights into interesting alternatives which you can opt to add to your itinerary of dzongs (monasteries) and tschechus (festivals). Discover up-and-coming Bhutanese artists and their contemporary artworks at VAST (Voluntary Artists’ Studio, Thimphu).



National Geographic

Druk Asia featured in the prestigious National Geographic Traveller

PUBLICATION        : National Geographic

DATE PUBLISHED : January 2014

I-S Magazine, The Away Team - Our Pick for the Region’s Hottest Travel Destinations for 2014

An article which graced the new year of 2014, Lauren Jade Hill advocated the wondrous Kingdom of Bhutan as Asia’s hottest travel destination. She highly recommended Paro as an amazing place to discover the history and heritage of Bhutan, especially the ‘Spiceroads’ bike tour which leads travellers through 190km of enchanting forests and valleys.


DATE PUBLISHED : January 2014

Today Online, Blissful Bhutan

Trixia Carungcong was mesmerised by Bhutan's natural beauty and its tales of magic and mysticism. Bhutan was opening up to the world, but it was still protecting its past by imposing a minimum daily tariff on tourists. Direct flights between Singapore and Bhutan would open it up further but it is hoped that Bhutan will continue to be able to lull you into a deep sense of peace.

PUBLICATION        : Today Online

DATE PUBLISHED : September 2013

Lonely Planet, 10 EASY TRIPS - BHUTAN

Natalie Joy Lee recommended Bhutan as one of the ideal destinations for the article ‘10 EASY TRIPS’. She extolled the charms of this magical kingdom, highlighting the merits of visiting between Spring and Summer. This is possibly the best time of the year to feast your eyes upon never-ending fields of glorious blossoms and lush greenery. To save yourself time and hassle, DrukAsia will take care of everything to make your trip a truly memorable one.

PUBLICATION        : Lonely Planet


The Sunday Times, Tapestry of Celebration

“Witness the tradition, culture and faith of the Bhutanese during their colourful festivals,” writes Maria Almenoar who went to Bhutan on a trip organised by Druk Asia. She thinks that the best time to visit Bhutan is during a tshechu (festival). She gave an enticing account of her experiences of the mesmerising mask dances she had seen in Bumthang and other sites worth visiting in this enchanting eastern district in Bhutan.

PUBLICATION        : The Sunday Times


BBC Fast Track

Druk Asia hosted Carmen Roberts of BBC Fast Track over one week from 23rd June 2013. We provided BBC with a guide, transportation and filming permits. Carmen stayed in Uma Paro, Uma Punakha and Taj Tashi.

Read more about her exciting coverage and watch her video here: https://www.drukasia.com/news/latest/bbc-fast-track-visits-bhutan/



SG Travellers Bon Voyage, Land of Happiness

Simon Tan discovered the Bhutanese’s secret to happiness as he sheds his worries and explored the gems of this peaceful country. From Paro to Punakka, he painted the exotic beauty of Bhutan with words to convince the readers to set foot in this magical kingdom.



Robb Report, Days of Thunder

‘Bhutan’s isolation is precisely what makes it so appealing to high-end tourists,’ writes Shamilee Vellu. Looking to get away from it all? This peaceful Kingdom which is associated with GNH – Gross National Happiness is the perfect answer. Even celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio and Pirates if the Caribbean’s Keira Knightly were spotted to have sought moments of tranquility in this spellbinding kingdom.

PUBLICATION        : Robb Report

DATE PUBLISHED : February 2013

Her World, Kingdom in the Clouds

Jacyln Lim listed out 8 must-dos in the Kingdom in the Clouds. The list included shopping along Norzin Lam, visiting Punakha Dzong, drinking beer in one of the drayang, discovering phallic paradise, clubbing in Paro, climbing Tiger's Nest and checking into one of the five stars luxury hotels in Bhutan

PUBLICATION        : Her World

DATE PUBLISHED : January 2013

The Business Times, Paradise in Transition

Jaime Ee visited Bhutan with Druk Asia in 2012. She interviewed fours local heroes; Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo, a local singer, a British monk and the future Prime Minister of Bhutan,Tshering Tobgay(then an opposition leader). She wanted to learn how was Bhutan going to manage its economic development without losing its soul in the process. She discovered the role of NGOs and how Bhutanese viewed the Gross National Happiness.

PUBLICATION        : The Business Times

DATE PUBLISHED : December 2012

August Man, Bhutan Diary by Juliana Chan

When offered an assignment to the enigmatic Kingdom of Bhutan, Juliana Chan grabbed it right away and had no regrets. The therapeutic trip to this tranquil land brought her close to Mother Nature which calmed her soul. DrukAsia’s guides enlightened her with their excellent knowledge of Bhutan’s rich culture and heritage.


DATE PUBLISHED : December 2012

Travel+Leisure, Heavenly Kingdom by Christopher Kucway

A maiden trip to the enchanting Kingdom of Bhutan inspired Christopher Kucway to do some soul-searching about life. “Everything is as temporary as the elaborate mandalas created by monks,” he wrote. Christopher’s short but sweet visit made him cherish every single moment in this Shangri-La and he calls it ‘a gift’ to be able to experience Bhutan once in a lifetime.


DATE PUBLISHED : December 2012

Prestige, If you're happy and you know it

Low Yit Leng, Prestige's Editor, found Bhutan refreshing! The air was clean and the country was serene. The minimum tariff lent a sense of exclusiveness. The lack of hassling from touts and pre-travel arrangements were a welcome change for this frequent jetsetter.

PUBLICATION        : Prestige

DATE PUBLISHED : October 2012

The Pursuit of Gross National Happiness.

Natalie Joy Lee found a sleeping dragon, Bhutan, which was still clinging to its traditional root and culture. Bhutan was a democracy, but it eschewed GDP as an absolute measure of progress. Instead, it proposed Gross National Happiness (GNH). Follow Natalie as she learnt what putting happiness first above all else means.

PUBLICATION        : Lonely Planet

DATE PUBLISHED : September 2012

Timeout Singapore, Welcome to Bhutan

Lester Ledesma visited Bhutan to cover the essentials of Bhutan; what would you cover if you just have a week? His short trip brought him to Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey and Paro. You can follow his steps by reviewing our 7-days Essential Bhutan Itinerary.

PUBLICATION        : Timeout Singapore

DATE PUBLISHED : September 2012

Pioneer, Achieving Greater Heights by Tan Guan Wei

Six servicemen from the Office Cadet School (OCS) trekked 100km and ascended the 4416m tall Mount Jumolhari with the invaluable guidance of DrukAsia’s competent trekking guides. For some parts of climb, they even had to tackle a steep slope with bare hands but the stunning scenery of the surroundings melted their fatigue away. The challenge was part of the Singapore Armed Forces Adventure Training Award’s aim to foster leadership and team spirit.


DATE PUBLISHED : September 2012

Mysterious and Magical

Malcolm Mcleod visited Bhutan and found it to be such a majestic, mystical and magical country. Follow his adventures as he discovered locally brewed alcohol and the differences between all the valleys in Bhutan. He was hosted by Druk Asia, Aman, Uma Paro and Meri Puensum. Malcolm was in Bhutan as part of our joint effort to promote the Singapore-Bhutan flight.

PUBLICATION        : Strait Times

DATE PUBLISHED : August 2012

Lian He Zao Bao

PUBLICATION        : Lian He Zao Bao

DATE PUBLISHED : August 2012

Dances with Deities by Ian Seldrup

Ian Seldrup discovered the festive joys of the Bhutanese as they celebrate their fascinating tschechus (festivals) with flamboyant dances. Witness the unfurling of the sacred thongdrel (a large religious appliqué), believed to cleanse the soul of sins and endow the viewers with blessings. See a list of vibrant festivals lined up throughout the year on a timeline in his article.

PUBLICATION        : AsiangeoPASSPORT.com


Geographical, Festival of Flight

Julia Hortons reported from Bhutan on the newly created Black Necked Cranes Festival. The festival aims to promote tourism in the Phbjikha Valley. At the same time, the local authority hopes that the festival allow residents to earn additional income; this will make conservation a viable alternative for the locals. The festival has been a success and lessons learnt were later applied to other districts in Bhutan.

PUBLICATION        : Geographical

DATE PUBLISHED : September 2011