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Updated on 17/October/2023

Elevation 2,180 meters

Trongsa is the capital of Trongsa District in central Bhutan. It means "new village" in Dzongkha. It is one of Bhutan's most historic towns, with the first monastery built here in 1543 by the Drukpa Kagyu lama, Ngagi Wangchuk, who was the great-grandfather of Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, the person who unified Bhutan.

One of its key landmarks is Trongsa Dzong, the largest dzong fortress in Bhutan. For centuries, it was the seat of the Wangchuck dynasty of penlops (governors) who effectively ruled over much of eastern and central Bhutan, and from 1907 have been Kings of Bhutan. Traditionally the King of Bhutan first becomes the Trongsa Penlop (governor) before being named Crown Prince and eventually King. Trongsa Dzong is also a major monastic complex, with around 200 monks.

Another attraction is Trongsa's Thruepang Palace, used by reigning monarchs when on official visits to Trongsa. The building is closed to the public and like many of the early palaces is unimposing, but from an architectural and historical point of view it is still worth viewing.

The best hotel in Trongsa is the Yangkhyil Resort, with 21 rooms and amenities such as internet, laundry and conference rooms. Other options are the Norling Hotel, Phunzhi Guesthouse, Shambhala Hotel, Chokhorling Hotel, Kunga Hotel ad Nyida Karsum Lodge.

For dining, the Norling and Shambhala Hotel offer good Bhutanese and Nepali cuisine. Independent non-hotel restaurants are also good options, such as Tashidelek, Yangkhyil Restaurant and Oyster House.


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