Public Holiday in Bhutan 2020

Posted on 10/September/2019

SI.No Detail Date
1 Winter Solstice (Nyilo) 02/Jan/2020
2 Traditional Day of Offering 25/Jan /2020
3 Losar New Year 25-26/ Jan/2020
4 Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the King 21-23/ Feb /2020
5 Birth Anniversary of Third Druk Gyalpo 02/ May /2020
6 Zhabdrung Kuchoe 02/ May /2020
7 Lord Buddha's Parinirvana 05/Jun/2020
8 Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche 30/Jun /2020
9 First Sermon of Lord Buddha 24/Jul/2020
10 Blessed Rainy Day 23/Sep/2020
11 Thimphu Drupchen Dromchoe (Thimphu Only) 23/Sep/2020
12 Thimphu Tshechu (Thimphu Only) 26 - 28/Sep/2020
13 Dashain Festival 26/Oct/2020
14 Coronation of His Majesty the King 01/Nov/2020
15 Descending Day of Lord Buddha 07/Nov/2020
16 Birth Anniversary of Fourth Druk Gyalpo 11/Nov/2020
17 National Day 17/Dec/2020



* Mentioned dates are subject to change, official changes will be announced.
* Tshechu holidays for respective Dzongkhags will be confirmed by respective Dzongkhag Administration

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