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7 Tips To Note When Planning A Trip to Bhutan

BY Cipto Handoyo - DATE: 19/Sep/2012

Tips when Planning your Trip to Bhutan. Watch out for peak season, know the seasons, read the festiv...

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The Best Way to Get to Bhutan

BY Cipto Handoyo - DATE: 19/Sep/2012

This article describes the best way to get to Bhutan for most travellers. From September 2012, trave...

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Best Time to Visit Bhutan

BY Cipto Handoyo - DATE: 19/Sep/2012

Find out about the best time to visit Bhutan throughout the year with festival highlights and helpfu...

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Bhutan Attractions in November

BY Cipto Handoyo - DATE: 16/Jun/2013

Is November too cold for travel to Bhutan? We answer the commonly asked questions here. November is ...

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5 Top Bhutan Attractions for Tourists

BY Cipto Handoyo - DATE: 23/Aug/2013

Bhutan is a once a lifetime experience. Don't compromise your trip by checking out our list must see...

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Of Rainbows & Clouds - Summer in Bhutan

BY Cipto Handoyo - DATE: 03/Sep/2013

Summer in Bhutan falls between the months of June till mid-September. During these months, Bhutan ex...

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How to go Bhutan

BY Cipto Handoyo - DATE: 15/Apr/2014

How do you go Bhutan? We cover the ways you can reach this beautiful country, by air and land.

Complete Guide to Planning Your Bhutan Trip

BY Cipto Handoyo - DATE: 21/Jun/2014

Our complete and extensive guide to planning your trip to Bhutan.