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Welcome to Druk Asia, Bhutan travel local operator, specialist and representative, GSA, of Drukair (Royal Bhutan Airlines. Your one stop service for ticketing, Visa, custom private trips, group travel and business trips to Bhutan. Druk Asia is a licensed tour operator in Bhutan, Singapore and Thailand.


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The trip was amazing! Bhutan was even better than I was expecting. Thank you for all your help and for assigning Ring and Diwash as my guide and driver (they are really nice guys).

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Ademar de Proenca Filho

Adenar de Proenca Filho

December 2014

I was very sad to leave Bhutan, I must say! I can't wait to come back to do a trek to the high altitude lakes one day soon! I will recommend all my friends to use your service at Druk Asia if ever travelling to Bhutan, as I was most impressed with your level of service.
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Saschveen Singh

Saschveen Signh

December 2014

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Upcoming Trips

22nd February 2015
Join Lester Ledesma, a multi award-winning photojournalist, on his eternal photography journey in the exotic country of Bhutan!
28th February 2015
The Punakha Tshechu honors Padmasambhawa, the precious yogi and saint who is credited with having introduced Tantric Buddhism throughout the Himalayas.
30th April 2015
The beautiful Ura village will be holding Ura Yackhoe for an unforgettable journey into the center of Bhutan.

Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Best Time To Visit Bhutan

Autumn and spring are the best time to visit Bhutan and learn the hidden beauty of Bhutan in Summer and Winter

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The Best Way to Get to Bhutan

The best way to get to Bhutan when you are planning to visit this beautiful Kingdom is via Bangkok. Drukair operates daily flight from Bangkok to Bhutan

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5 Tips When Planning Trip to Bhutan

We share 5 tip you should bear in mind while planning your trip to Bhutan

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Representative (GSA) of Royal Bhutan Airline, Drukair


Druk Asia was appointed as sales agent for Drukair in 2009. For the past 6 years, we have been working closely with Drukair in promoting Bhutan as a destination and Drukair as the airline of choice for your entry to Bhutan.


Happiness is a place

In this small, mountainous and unspoiled land nestled in the Himalayas, you will find a destination that hasn’t become overrun with tourists or development.

Instead, you’ll discover a luminous place where people live simply yet harmoniously. Jagged snowy mountains, steep canyons, roaring rivers and verdant farmland dominate the landscape. The spiritual and secular peacefully coexist.

As the foremost travel experts on Bhutan, we welcome you with a heartfelt “Kuzuzongpo,” or hello, to our beautiful land.

From the moment you arrive in Bhutan, the customary warmth and fun-loving nature of our people will delight you. They will be eager to interact and share their hospitality. You will immediately see how we prioritize the now-famous “Gross National Happiness” philosophy and how it’s present in every aspect of daily living.

With Druk Asia, you have experts who not only know about Bhutan, but who are native citizens. The kingdom is our home, so allow us to share with you the wonders and enchantment of our extraordinary corner of the world.

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The Happiness Team

Our company is managed by a team of dedicated and committed professionals, with vast experience in tourism business. Our tour directors and guides have been working in Bhutan travel industry since the industry infancy in 1990.

You matter to us

Our company is managed by a team of dedicated and committed professionals, with vast experience in the tourism industry. Our tour directors and guides have been working in Bhutan travel industry since the industry infancy in 1990.



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18 Dec 2014
Belinda Lee travelled to Bhutan to meet Anne Tan to understand her life in Thimphu as a teacher.

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15 Dec 2014
Druk Asia 2015 Desktop Calendar featuring Singaporean artist Erwin Lian's watercolors of Bhutan's scenery & mammals of Bhutan

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23 Oct 2014
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