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Bhutan trip with excellent guide and driver

Dear Sonam,

I completed the survey form provided by the guide on my last day and indicated my rating of excellent for both guide and driver. But I do want to expand on that a bit.

My guide, Tshering Dendup, was one of the best, if not the best guide I've ever had and that is comparing to our travels to around 100 countries in the past 15 years. His knowledge of both Buddhism and the history of Bhutan is encyclopedic. In addition he has broad knowledge in a wide variety of subjects, especially the flora and fauna of the country. Beyond that, he was able to note my preferences, eg food, kinds of sites to visit and make adjustments to accommodate me as much as possible without my asking.

I also want to make special compliments to the driver, Mr. Rabgay, who had to drive under extremely difficult road conditions. There was construction and rain causing deep mud that he maneuvered through with the greatest safety and minimum discomfort for me for almost 10 hours one day. It was also great that he had excellent Bhutanese music to play on the radio.

The only negative comment abut the tour was the relatively set menus at restaurants with little choice of alternatives. All things considered, a great trip that I'll never forget.



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    September 2015
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