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Our stay in Bhutan was very pleasant and interesting.

Dear Sangay Dorji,

Thank you for your e-mail. Yes, we have been well and are now in Bangkok for a few days of resting. Our departure from Bhutan went very well and I wanted to thank you again for taking care of our excess luggage allowance. Our stay in Bhutan was very pleasant and interesting.

We had a very good driver and we liked our guide (Dorji). He was very informative, discreet and courteous. The only criticism I could have for him or rather a recommendation would be to encourage him to perfect his English as it is sometimes difficult to understand him.

With regard to the hotels: we loved of course the Uma Paro and it was a great way to say goodbye to Bhutan. But, we equally liked the Druk Hotel where we enjoyed a beautiful room, the change to the Lobesa Hotel was also great. A very nice owner, very present for his guests and a hotel that has great potential to increase its stars. The one hotel, as I said in a previous e-mail, that I did not like too much was the Dewachen and yet, I know it is me who insisted in staying there.

But we loved being in the valley, watching the black neck cranes and doing the walk. It ended up being a bit much of a walk for us (75 and 67 at 3000 m altitude) and actually, had the driver picked us up as we exited the forest and driven us up to the temple, it would have been perfect. But never mind, we did it and felt better for it albeit a bit exhausted.

As far as the Tiger's Nest is concerned, I asked Dorji our guide, to rent us some mules of which I had read about in a magazine at the hotel. He then proposed the poney to go up to the cafeteria and that was a good solution for us as we did then not have the fatigue of the uphill in order to come down.

You have a beautiful country that one can feel is going places and shall become a great nation.

The challenge for your government and King will be to preserve your traditions and culture in the midst of the invasion of western cultures through tourism and television.

One think that should be made clear to your visitors is the fact that buildings do not have central heating and hence it can get real cold up in the mountains and out of high season. We were somewhat prepared, given that we had just come from Nepal where it was freezing and there was no electricity for over 11 hours a day, so no heating nor hot water.

The arrival and departure at the airport were flawless.
Our car very comfortable and we had water every day and as much as needed.
We look forward to the completion of the roads from Thimphu to Punakha and from Punakha to Gangtey valley. That would make a big change for the villages and for the tourists.

Of course, we are aware that we only saw a little part of Bhutan. Maybe the next time we will want to see the rest of the country. But we are happy for now and thankful to have had such good support through your agency.

Pictures will follow and yes, you can release them to other customers.

With best regards and thanks again
Matilde Bingemer

  • Matilde Bingemer

    January 2015
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