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A fruitful and spiritual trip

Travel Date: 05 June - 08 June 2014
Knowledgable and Helpful Tour guides: Tobgay Tashi and Tshering Penjor
Responsible and Safe Driver: Yangphei Surash

Hotel : Dorji Hotel and Metta Resort & Spa
Air: Refreshing
Water: Crystal clear
Weather: Cooling
Food: Delicious (chilli cheese)

Firstly, I will like to thanks to our two lovely tour guides. They had made my stay in Bhutan very happy and unforgettable. They had contributed their hard work in making this pilgrimage tour a success. The hotels were clean and comfortable.

Secondly, to our beloved driver (who always been forgotten ) thank you for driving us safety throughout the whole journey.

Lastly, a big thank you to Drukair for providing such outstanding tour guide Tobgay and Tshering to us. I will like to express my deepest appreciation to Tobgay. He had help my mother unconditionally.

  • Pauline Lim

    June 2014
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