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A Memorable Trip Of A Lifetime

Kuzuzangpo la!

Bhutan is officially my 2nd favorite country after Singapore, where I am residing.

I couldn't find much to dislike about Bhutan. Right from booking the trip through DrukAsia (I love that Sonam is very responsive and advises you accordingly) to the 6 hour flight delay from Paro to Singapore ... everything was well taken care of.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my poor tour guide, Passang Dorji (spelling might be incorrect), for worrying over me when I was down with altitude sickness on the first day. But he made sure that we get to cover all the places which I missed on the 1st day by the 3rd day.

My only complaint is that we didn't get to see the Takins because the zoo was closed on Monday! I guess nobody checked the opening hours for that day :(.

I love how the country is safe and peaceful, the air is clean, the scenery is beautiful wherever you turn, how the locals are welcoming, kind and lovely to tourists and I can tell the government really cares deeply about its citizens, wildlife and the earth. Returning back home to hear that slash-and-burn has started in a neighboring country is very saddening. I hope Bhutan and DrukAsia can do more to promote and boost tourism in the country because some people I know don't even know where Bhutan is on the world map!

It was a 4 day trip to Bhutan for me but this will remain a memorable trip of a lifetime. I will definitely travel to Bhutan again in another season.

Kadinchhey, Bhutan, for being amazing!

Side note: We spent Singapore's National Day on Chelela Pass, with our Bhutanese tour guides :)! It was very memorable.

- Zati

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    August 2016
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