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Thank you for arranging such a wonderful Bhutan trip

Hi Sonam

Thanks for arranging my trip. I had a wonderful trip in Bhutan.

I would like to highlight to you that my driver (uncle rock) and my guide from 3rd day onwards (Chokey Wangchuk) are great!

They are very helpful and kind throughout the trip. We have also met other guide along the trip - Tshering Dendup, who is also very cheerful and fun.

I didn't realize that I can fly to Bangkok and spend a few more days there like what other tourists have done. With this, the trip would be even more fruitful. 

Generally, the food and accommodation in Bhutan are alright. But there are just a few places where the weather is just too cold for me. 

Hence, I would recommend your company to consider the accommodation with good heater facilities. 

On top of that, I also hope that your company will choose the restaurant and hotel which will treat the driver and the guide well as well, not just the tourist. 

As the driver and guide will be with the tourist for long journey, their comfort is utmost important to ensure that they can serve the tourist well. 

Food and accommodation for them should be at comfort level too. Don't follow the practice of other countries where they treat the driver and guide badly.

So sorry that I don't have blog to article to share. But I will recommend this destination to others for sure!
Thanks again!

Cheng Ching Khee

  • Cheng Ching Khee

    December 2015
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