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Almost everyday I am listening to Bhutanese songs

Dear Sonam,

Thank you for arranging the trip of my wife and I to your beautiful country Bhutan. We are also grateful to Ugyen Tenzin, our guide, and Nedip, our driver, for taking us to various places. They were helpful, patient, pleasant and cooperative, which made our journey comfortable and enjoyable. The food was reasonably good and hotels comfortable. 

In some hotels there is room for improvement, especially the one at Thimphu. I do not understand why the management is not repairing the lift. I have no complaints against the staff. The fault lies with the management.

Bhutan is a unique and beautiful country and it should remain so. Too many tourists would corrupt the people and affect their way of life and culture adversely. The government is right in restricting the number of tourists. I am not sure for how long your country could insulate itself from modernisation, which is associated with westernisation. I could see westernisation creeping in when I saw some girls wearing jeans instead of traditional Bhutanese dress in some towns. 

On the eve of our departure in Paro I was shocked to see a girl wearing shorts (like in Singapore) sitting with her boyfriend on the roadside. I hope and pray that Bhutan would hold on to her traditions, culture and religion. Otherwise it would be a tragedy and the world poorer. Almost everyday I am listening to Bhutanese songs and my mind keeps going back to Bhutan, which I hope to visit again one day. 

  • Mr Jagir & Wife

    June 2012
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