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Bhutan is truly a paradise for cultural seeing and trekking


Thanks for organizing the trip for us, it was by far one of the best we ever had.

The trip to Bhutan has been amazing. We arrived the country with warm welcome from our tour guide Kuenzang and driver Sonam. They were probably the most accommodating and friendly tour guides we have had so far. It has been a pleasure to have them throughout the trip.

The Uma hotel at Paro and Punakha was a blast, the rooms were well presented, nice and clean, well reflected its 5 star standard. The hotel staff was well trained, polite and attentive. The meals from the restaurants were tasty and made from the freshest ingredient, kinda of luxury for us as quite a few ingredients were imported, logistically that mustn’t been easy.

The scenic view is breath taking, think my eyes benefit the most to be able to move away from the computer screens and looking at the lush greenery. On the itinerary, I must say the Tiger Nest has been a highlight, the actual climbing can be physically challenging but the view from the top is well worth the effort. Bhutan is truly a paradise for someone who likes cultural seeing and trekking. Like most of other people, we went to Bhutan for the pursue of happiness. My husband and I concluded 10 reasons of happiness in Bhutan, to share few with:

01. Organic food
02. No pollution
03. No traffic jam
04. Free medical and education
05. Low crime rate
06. No Western junk food (we don’t see any macs, starbucks or kfc in Bhutan)
07. People are religious, not greedy
08. A great king and the royal family
09. Woman can marry multiple men and vice versa
10. It is legal to grow marijuana , but no one consumes it locally (a sign beyond happiness? J)

Finally, thank you for arranging this lovely trip for us, without you none of the above becomes possible. Looking forward to my next visit.

  • Heather Lu

    August 2013
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