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Back With Wonderful Memories


Thank you for your email. I had a great time in Bhutan and brought back with me wonderful memories! :)

I've enjoyed the itinerary although a few places were unfortunately closed due to the holidays.
Just a tiny feedback on food, I would have love a little more Bhutanese cuisine than fusion food but I know my tour guide tried his best. Maybe for your future consideration. Nonetheless I had my fair share of Bhutanese cuisine like Ema datse, phangkha pha (pork with stewed radish), momo, even butter tea. Yummy and spicy..! :)

A pleasant surprise was when the tour guides from 4 different groups actually brought all of us together to lunch on New Year's Day. It was a really nice move :)

I look forth travelling with Druk Asia again and would definitely recommend to my family and friends who are interested to go Bhutan! :)

And much thanks for answering my queries and providing information prior to my trip. Really appreciated your help!

Kaadrincheyla & Tashi Delek!
Best regards

  • Janet Poh

    December 2016
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