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Bhutan is so beautiful and unspoilt


We had a GREAT time in BHUTAN ! Your country is so beautiful and unspoilt. I hope Bhutan will not be influenced or spoilt by outside world too much. Thank you again for arranging the trip for us. By the way, my legs cannot walk now... hahahaha... the Bumdra trek is very tough la. Hahaha. But the camping facilities up there is 5-star standard ! Even have beds, dining tent with proper chairs and table!

Oh yes... recovering well now. Today my legs are almost back to normal ! hahahaha... It is really worth the trek up, even though its hard for us. The camp site is a surprise! I have attached some pictures to show you and your future groups.

You can let them know that the sleeping bags provided is very very warm indeed with an additional fleece and they even offer hot water bottle for our feet. Oh and the sleeping bag is on a PROPER BED and MATTRESS even !!! Amazing.

Seems that this set-up is a permanent thing.

Thanks again Sonam. We had a very well organised visit to Bhutan and the Thimphu festival was also fantastic!
Oh the Food was also ok. The last hotel we stayed Metta Resort and Spa is owned by the lady from Malaysia. So she was so kind to cook some Malaysian food. ie chicken rendang and even nasi lemak .


  • Patricia Tan

    October 2014
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