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Bhutan is awesome

Dear Sonam & Mindu,

Bhutan is awesome. We have exciting experience especially hiking to the Tiger Nest! The hotel was very nice, fits with their ranks as 5 star hotel; perfect stay to get peacefulness in our heart. Their service/hospitality was extremely perfect.

Special thanks to:
- Mr. Norman as General Manager of Uma Paro, He made our stay more comfortable.
- Mr. Tharchu as our tour guide, he made our journey meaningful even though we only have short visit
- Mr Dewa as head of the Chef, nice Bhutanese food
- Mr. Made as the baker, it is unbelievable in such place has many delicious bakery, even 5 star hotel in Jakarta can not match
- Mr. Ti Ling, Ms.Chung Mo as our butler, great hospitality and service, they made our room clean, warm so we could have wonderful sleep.

Drukair in terms of the plane, the food & beverage, time schedule, and its service (both business class and economy) was excellent. We are proud that Bhutan as a small country has Drukair like world class airplane. They are serious to treat its passenger.

We hope that you could improve the tour, cause the tour itinerary you gave to me was not updated to our tour guide, but then it was no problem to directly customized with him.

Before we left Bhutan, We also encourage him to share his phone number, because when we climb up the tiger nest we split 2 groups, he escorted the first group, me with my wife in the second group left behind. My wife got a little accident so we need the medicine, which we ask mr. Tharchu to help us carrying our stuff. So we have to wait for him getting back from Taksang to get the medicine. But fortunately my wive is OK ad off course we do not blame him for this.

So better next time, when there is possibility the tour guide and the group split, he has to inform his number in case of emergency.

Hiking to tiger nest for some people like us, was a quite heavy journey, it takes more than 2 hours to get the taksang, so better the tour guide remind the group to bring snacks, drink. We have our lunch late, cause of the journey, and we were starving, cause the only place to have lunch was at tea house half way to/from taksang. Again we do not blame him for this.

So better next time, treat the groups as ordinary people, which means the ones who rarely have exercise, so need more time to do the journey, and equip / remind them to bring the snack and drink.

Warm Regards,
Agoeng Widjaja

  • Agoeng Widjaja

    March 2013
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