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Great trip to Bhutan, I am happy

Hi Sonam

OK - I am back in NZ - great trip.

I didn't have time to complete the form due to the airport issue - the guide and driver were really nice.

Few things: don't worry - not end of the world - I will definitely be recommending you to anyone going to Bhutan. Just suggestions especially if you have people who don't usually do booked tours (North Korea, Turkmenistan and Bhutan are the only countries in the world where a guide is required, though Turkmenistan you can avoid it with a transit visa).

Adding to your document:

SIM card - can buy at the airport for 100 bhutanese so $2) manual internet settings: APN:internet Username : Bmobile Password; leave blank

Other questions - Ask tourist of food requirements - especially given everything was set meals. I can't eat wheat including soy sauce - hotel second night everything came out with soy sauce in spite of being told night before and meal was fine.

Guide - excellent perceptiveness to suggest leaving early for Tigers nest - we were coming back down by 9am when sun was already blazing hot and other tourists looked like they were going to pass out. Plus we got the mist.

Guide - left me for lunch on my own - I appreciate not many solo travelrs - would have been nice to ask if I wanted company and he could tell me more about Bhutan while I ate.

Planning - day 1 ended pretty quickly - back at hotel at 430pm.

Hotel - terrible location, middle of nowhere, So when at 430 I am back at hotel that is essentially the end of my day - which when you work it out isn't great value. it would have been nice to have a dining option in the town.

Tea - it seems tea is a big deal - I love tea - at the museum it talked about all the different types of tea - I asked my guide if there was somewhere I could do a tasting tour etc.. (I've done this in Sri Lanka) and he said hotel - at the hotel they had tea bag tea and had no idea what I was talking about when I wanted to try different types. That would have been a perfect activity for the 5-6pm and I would have bought lots of stuff (tea, teapot, cups etc).

Like I said - I am happy -

However - finally - the issue with the plane ticket - very lucky we could resolve that - however it created fall out as I then missed by DAC connection which cancelled rest of my ticket and that was a mission to sort out in Bangkok too. I need to organize refund with you guys - let me know easiest way - I also have to sort UNITED for my other ticket. That would have been very problematic had I not made it out.

Ok - lots of info - need to get back to planning next trip!

  • Tudor Clee

    September 2014
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