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Bhutan Was Simply Amazing

Bhutan was amazing, thank you to you and your team for making this happen! My mother and I both enjoyed the trip very much, it was definitely an eye-opening experience.

In terms of feedback, I do have some comments. I think it will be great to provide a brochure/leaflet of some sorts to the guests when they first arrive, detailing some historical background of the country as well as Bhutanese greetings/phrases. As the language is a little hard to grasp, it is sometimes difficult to remember who the historical figures are as well as the historical facts of the country when the guide is explaining. Will be much easier to understand if I could read it in English words, just a brief introduction/summary.

Also, I felt rather sorry for the guide/driver when they have to search for their own lodging during the days we stopped at towns that they do not have friends/accommodation at. Perhaps that can be taken into account in the future, such that they have better treatment while on tour with the tourists.

I have blogged about my initial thoughts on Bhutan in this link: be posting more about my experiences in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to my next visit to your beautiful country.

  • Felicia Tan

    December 2016
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