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Both Kelzang and Penjor made our Bhutan trip so memorable

From the get-go, my travel specialist, Ugyen Dema was very helpful. Ugyen replied to my emails promptly. I was very impressed with the service already. :)

When my fiancé and I arrived at Paro Airport, we were greeted by our guide Kelzang Jigme. After a minute walk, we met our driver, Penjor, and were excited for our journey in Bhutan to begin. As Penjor was driving, I was amazed by the beautiful landscape of Bhutan and was busy taking pictures in the van. Somehow, Penjor noticed that I couldn't get good shots so he kindly offered to stop several times so I could take good pictures. I was truly touched by his thoughtfulness. :)


Fast forward.. One day before our Tiger's Nest hike, Kelzang was so kind to tell my fiancé to wear shorts so it was easier to hike. However, since we were going inside of Tiger's Nest, my fiancé had to wear a long sleeve shirt and slacks. So, my fiancé had to bring a backpack to Tiger's Nest. On our hiking day, Kelzang offered to carry three umbrellas and my fiancé's backpack filled with a pair of jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and three bottles of water for us! We were so speechless by his kind offer. :)

In short, during our five-day journey in Bhutan, Kelzang and Penjor were a really good team. They asked us for feedback throughout. We let them decide and it all worked out for the best. Kelzang gave us important, salient information throughout our journey. Penjor was extremely good. Our rides were always smooth and pleasant. He was the best driver we have ever seen. Both Kelzang and Penjor made our Bhutan's trip so memorable. :)

Please go to Bhutan with these two awesome people. You will like them like we do. :)

  • Alice Li

    July 2019
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    United States

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