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By far the best tour experience we have had and a most special one that has touched and enriched us deeply

By far the best tour experience we have had and a most special one that has touched and enriched us deeply. Everything was a breeze from the moment we decided to send an email to Druk Asia, with the help of our very helpful agent, Sonam who really took the time to craft detailed emails to us, explaining what to expect, what to pack and what to do (which was next to nothing really as everything was handled for us. We just needed to change a bit of money, pack and turn up at Paro airport and from there on, all our needs would be met with the help of our Bhutanese guide and driver till the moment it was time for us to depart from Bhutan.)

I had some doubts about the rather boring looking itinerary at the start to be honest, with it looking like all there was to the trip was walks, museums and religious places of worship. My fears proved to be unfounded the moment we landed at Paro airport though. Paro airport is as special, quaint and beautiful as the rest of Bhutan and there truly seemed to be magic in the air (and soil) as we walked around Thimphu town shortly after we landed. Beautiful architecture and flowers were at every turn, along with beautiful, friendly people, cute kids and well fed street dogs that seemed as happy and content as the people. The air was so crisp and clean and a vast change from our hot, humid and rather polluted air back home in Singapore. I could hardly believe I was so quickly charmed when we had yet to do anything special at all. Spending the rest of our week long trip with our sweet guide, Chencho and equally sweet driver, Tshering only made us realise even more how special Bhutan and its people are. Both of them really went out of their way to make sure we had the best time with them and the amazing people of Bhutan, all of whom touched us in profound ways and made us wish we were living in a place as simple and pure as Bhutan. I went from thinking I would be bored in Bhutan to tearing nonstop at Paro airport on the day of our departure. Bhutan, what a truly special place. It was such a privilege to experience a land that is so set apart in our modern world that it feels like it’s from a fairy tale. Thank you to everyone at Druk Asia, especially Sonam, Chencho and Tshering for making our experience such a magical one. We will hold memories of our trip dear to our hearts forever and would be lavishing praises of your magical fairy land for a lifetime.

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  • Belinda

    June 2024
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    Chencho Tshering (Soul Trips)

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    Terma Linca, Terma Linca, Terma Linca

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