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Definitely Will Be Back For More

Sonam had been great in assisting me on the travel arrangement. There’s nothing much I do beside telling him my preferences and dates availability.

Choki (my guide) and Nima (my driver) showed me around Bhutan, and I had a grand time with them. Both which I considered my friends by the time I left for home. Meant to be solo trip, felt like I’m hanging out with my friends in Bhutan.

From bumping into the King of Bhutan (yes - I’m extremely lucky!) to the highlights in hiking up the Phajoding Monastery and Tiger Nest - everyday was filled with grand scenic views of Himalayas, simplistic lifestyles that made one feel at peace, content and easily grateful/happy.

Switzerland is fame for Europe mountainous and scenic hikes. I feel that Bhutan is comparable in Asia with a totally different feel in the culture and settings.

Originally supposed to be a once in a lifetime trip. I changed my mind - definitely will be back for more...

  • Cindy Loye

    June 2019
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