Enjoyable Trip to Bhutan
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Enjoyable Trip to Bhutan

Dear Ugyen,

Good day to you.

Is been busy with work since I am back from my Bhutan trip.

I would like to say Thank You to you for all the pre-trip arrangement. 
I am amazed by nature beauty, Dzongs and people’s of Bhutan. I enjoy so much from the moment I stepped out from the plane.

I would like to also Thank You for arranged 2 wonderful Brothers as my Guide and Driver throughout my trip in Bhutan. I have lots of fun with both brother Ugyen and Rinzin.
Brother Ugyen (Guide) is very knowledgeable with Bhutan culture. He is a very patience and care person. Brother Rinzin (Driver) not only good in driving skill he is also very good in photographic skill. Most of my picture taken by him was without my notice but it comes out great.

Last but not least Thank You for the hotels arrangement. Gangtey Palace Hotel is the one I love most. The hotel itself is very Bhutanese Authentic feel and I can have whole Paro view from the hotel....WOW...

Please help me to Thank Thimphu team who called me on the 2nd day to checked on my trip and stay. I really appreciate it. They even shared Cyclone Fani update to me. Keep it up team and thank you very much.

Lastly I would like to say I am sure I will visit this beautiful country again regardless as a tourist, volunteer or even work cause I am in love with Bhutan.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

  • Ivy

    May 2019
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