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An awesome experience in beautiful Bhutan

Hello Sonam,

We had an awesome experience in your beautiful country. Everything was so perfect and I especially was so impressed by our driver Mr. Thinley, a most competent driver - given the dangerous road- conditions - he was a fun and well balanced human being and should be commended by his company. Mr. Haba also was very knowledgeable.

How was your trekking experience? We hoped to see you somewhere. I sent the above first picture and text to our local newspaper for publication. I hope you agree with my text. Meiling and Gilda are still traveling and have much better pictures than I do. Thank you for caring. It was nice meeting you – Elisa and Wayne


Elisa Henderson, from Elisa’s Sunday Haus in Round Top and husband Wayne Rentfro travelled recently to far away Bhutan, a small ancient kingdom tucked high up into the Himalayan Mountains, between India and Tibet. Bhutan is sometimes labelled as one of the last Shangri LA’s in the world and the monarchy is slowly opening to democracy while trying to implement in its policies the concept of GNH or Gross National Happiness.

Here our travelers are pictured with two traveling friends and a Bhutanese guide, sitting on the floor and reading from their favourite newspaper to the friendly farming couple. They are drinking butter tea and tasting chilly – cheese, the spicy national dish eaten daily with mountains of rice. They spent one night at this farmhouse and observed the early morning milking of the “happy” cows – the cows will never be killed nor any other animal stemming from Buddhist compassion for all living.

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