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I had always dreamt of visiting Bhutan with limited knowledge about the country

I had always dreamt of visiting Bhutan with limited knowledge about the country. Fortunately, I came across Soultrips, a private tour service for Bhutan, and decided to inquire. Sangay, the Travel Specialist, promptly responded, and after discussions with my family, we chose Bhutan for our year-end trip. We opted for the 10-day tour, and I entrusted all arrangements to Sangay, who proved to be highly responsive and helpful throughout. He even checked in during our trip to ensure everything was going well, showing a high level of customer service. Upon arrival, our guide, Sonam, and driver, Kinzang, welcomed us. Sonam impressed us with his knowledge, friendliness, and keen observations. He took care of us, arranged authentic Bhutanese meals, and shared detailed insights about the country. Kinzang, the driver, ensured a safe and comfortable journey. We thoroughly enjoyed Bhutanese cuisine, thanks to Sonam's recommendations, and appreciated the quality of the hotels with their traditional settings and excellent service. Bhutan left a deep impression on us with its amazing landscapes, nature preservation efforts, and the harmonious coexistence of people and animals. The cleanliness of the country and the friendliness of the locals added to the overall positive experience. The highlight was the well-planned Tiger's Nest Hike on the last day, allowing us to gradually acclimate. Sonam's presence and support made the challenging climb more manageable. In conclusion, if you're considering a trip to Bhutan, I highly recommend Soultrips for their exceptional service and the experience they provided. Despite what many say about it being a once-in-a-lifetime trip, I'm already looking forward to returning to Bhutan, and I credit Soultrip for making it such a memorable journey.

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  • Pameline Wee

    December 2023
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    Sonam Tshering (Soul Trips)

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    Rema Resort, Rema Resort, Rema Resort, Rema Resort, Rema Resort

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