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I Had Such A Wonderful Time In Bhutan

I had such a wonderful time in Bhutan. The place is so beautiful, nature so untouched, people so friendly and free-spirited.

I spent a few days in the mountains and the experience was really awesome. I wasn't quite well prepared or trained for the trek but the crew team was so patient and caring, constantly kept a lookout for me throughout the journey. On Day 3 I got mountain sickness and did not get to carry on with the trek uphill. The team took great care of me when I was unwell and I feel so touched and thankful. I didn't want the experience to end and so we continued to stay on in the mountains at a lower altitude and the horseman invited even the team and I to his home.

Living in the mountains was made so comfortable for me by the team. The entire crew, including my tour guide Tshewang Penjor, is so experienced in trekking I felt totally confident and safe throughout the trek despite it was my first and I was traveling solo. Other than hiking itself and taking in the endless rolling greenery, I loved mingling with the team in the kitchen tent, chatting and watching the cook prepare a hot yummy meal for us.

Needless to say, I couldn't bear to part with the team at the end of the trek and bade a teary farewell.


Bi Ying

  • Biying Phua

    October 2017
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