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I just came back from a wonderful 7-Day trip in Bhutan with Druk Asia

I just came back from a wonderful 7-Day trip in Bhutan with Druk Asia.
My booking encounter with Ugyen Dema was perfect. She was very prompt in responding to my requests and very clear in the trip details.
I was able to select the choice of my hotels based on the list given by Ugyen which I truly appreciated. After the booking was completed, there was a useful traveller's portal that we could continue to add to our travel requests.
Two month's on, I was on my way to Bhutan via Druk Air flight in Jan 2020. Honestly, I was disappointed with the inflight food choices as I was given only vegetarian prata. It would be great to be given a selection of Bhutanese cuisine as well. The service on the flight was great though.
And I was treated with a fantastic view of the Himalayas as the flight made its final landing in Paro. It was a really smooth landing by the skilful pilots.
After clearing the customs, my guide (Ugyen Tenzin and the driver) were waiting for me at the arrivals. They were very welcoming and the drive to Thimphu was winding and since I was still trying to get used to the altitude, I was feeling a bit unwell on the way to the hotel. Anyway, Ugyen did note my requests to see sunrise / sunset and so I was assigned to very nice room with a view throughout my stay in Bhutan. I was very happy with the hotels I stayed in even though the breakfast and dinner were a mixed bag. Osel Hotel (Thimphu) and Dewachen Hotel (Gangtey) seemed to have nicer foods. Service at all the hotels were excellent though. Lunch meals were great.
Ugyen was really professional - he could sense that I was unwell on some days so he kept a lower pace while not compromising on the itinerary. I probably covered 90% of the sites listed in the itinerary - which I'm very happy about it. I showed him pictures that I liked to visit as well as the "treasure hunt" and he was accommodating. The communication with Ugyen was great. There was plenty to talk about and we shared some common values between Bhutan & Singapore perspective. All the pictures taken by Ugyen were great. Our driver was really safe in his driving skills.
I guess the only minor disappointment was not having an opportunity to have dinner with Ugyen and driver as the hotel dinner gets boring after a few days. On hindsight, I should have informed him earlier as well.
The Bhutan trip itself was magical since I was surrounded by scenic spots the moment I woke up. Thanks for the amazing memories, Ugyen and our driver. It was a nice gesture to provide me with the breakfast on the day of my departure to Singapore. I wasn't expecting that actually.
Finally, I think it is important to bring some motion sickness tablets as well. The road is winding at times.
Thanks again, Druk Asia for making the trip possible.

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    January 2020
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