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I Really Love Bhutan As It Is A Unique Country

Thanks so much for all the arrangement in this trip.

Nim, a knowledgeable tour guide did his job very well during the trip. He did a very well history-telling and we did really enjoy and understand more about the places, culture, monastery, etc. Karma, a very skillful driver who drives steady all along the trip. He is a funny and helpful guy. Because of them, our journey became more meaningful and full of joy. I am not a good hiker and most of the time when I did my trekking/hiking, I was slow and easily to get tired. But Nim and Karma encouraged me do not give up, advised me to walk slowly and steady, and always stay behind me to protect me (in case I am not stable) and in front of me to guide me how to move on. The second day I was in Bhutan, we did a simple trekking to Cheri Monastery and after the trek, i suffered from muscle pain. (I know I am weak, haha.) Nim and Karma bought me the Omnigel spray to relief my muscle pain. I was quite touching as I didn't mention I want to have any medicine/spray but they got it for me! And so after for the trekking to Tiger's Nest, both of them encouraged me do not give up and walked step by step to reach the destination... And we did it!! Yeah~


I really love Bhutan as it is a unique country. I travelled to Norway for northern lights in October 2016. That was my last trip before Bhutan. And this February 2017, I was paying a visit to Bhutan. Most of the friends were asking me about the trip and I did recommended Druk Asia and you to them. They get a very surprising face when I mentioned I love Bhutan rather than Norway! Most important reason for me to choose Bhutan is because the "people" over there. They gave me a unique feeling that they live happily, they have a simple yet meaningful lives and they cherish/appreciate for what they have. They love their King and Queen as I saw the portraits of The King and Queen in everywhere!

Overall, it is an amazing and unforgettable trip in my lifetime!

Kadrin Chhey, to you Sonam, to the tour guide Nim, to the driver Karma and to the ones I met in Bhutan, no matter the other travelers or local people :)


It means "I will be back!" in Chinese.


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    February 2017
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