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I wanted to thank you for the amazing time we had in your special country

Amy and I wanted to thank you for the amazing time we had in your special country. The whole team really went out of their way during our tour. You guys really made this such a fantastic trip from amy being on the phone with Namgay, to the The first couple of days in Bhutan on our trip to Haa Valley we got a little car sick. Sonam and Chimmy our first guides and driver were concerned and made sure we were ok, had enough water and just made sure we took our time driving even stopping when I needed a break periodically throughout the drive. They were so nice to us and it was a pleasure to have them welcome us when we came out of the airport. Sonam and Chimmy answered all our questions and explained the history and the culture of Bhutan. We both found the two of them so knowledgeable and informative. They even asked us if the food was too spicy. We replied we liked spicy and from then on they made sure we got the real Bhutanese food. All they really wanted to do was make sure Amy and I had a great time and they were so wonderful to us it was a little sad we had to say good bye to them when we traveled east.
Our next guide and driver, Thai and Brother Ong really made us feel like family during the time we spent with them. One of the mountain passes we had to drive ended up being closed because of snow, they had a plan for what to do before we even asked what is the new plan. We both had no issue and realized that they have no control that this happens and we just went with it. They ended up surprising us with a masked dance festival in Lhuntse. It came as a complete surprise to us and what a special sight that we will never forget. The car broke down once on the road through no fault of Brother Ong and Thai and Brother had a back up plan right away and arranged for a taxi to take us to the fortress and the next town. The hole time their concern was more for us and making sure we were taking care of. We made it to the next town and met Brother Ong at the hotel everybody was in great spirits. Thai answered all of our questions and we were impressed with his knowledge and the fact that if we asked something and he didn't know he was honest about not knowing something and always knew who to call to find out. Another day we were driving to cross another mountain pass the car decided it wanted to break down again. The good thing was that we had made it to the top of the pass. Amy and I made the best of our time as I went tobogganing on a piece of plywood I found and Amy read a book. Both of them were so apologetic that this happened a second time. It was really nice since there was a little cabin there and we were able to go inside and warm up while we waited for another car to come and pick us up and get to the next location. We both were sad we had to leave Brother Ong on the mountain but Thai kept in contact with him and informed us he got down ok which was really nice to hear.
Our next driver Kinse (sorry if I'm spelling it wrong) was fantastic. The banter between Thai and Kinse really made our time with them fun and exciting with the jokes flying during our time in the car. Thai always made sure we had chili paste with our meals and showed us where the best momos in Bhutan were and even introduced us to local regional dishes where ever we stayed. I will never forget Thai coming out and telling us that the kitchen staff were laughing because they haven't seen a westerner eat the chillis, our faces were burning but the food was too good to stop. When they heard that we like to cook they even set up a cooking class for us to learn how to make emi dashi so we could have it when we got back to Canada. On our trip to the market something I ate there did not agree with me and Kinse ran down to the parking lot just to get me a bottle of water since we couldn't find one in the market. The level that everyone went to make sure we were ok was above and beyond and just made us feel special. Seeing the Black necked Cranes was just a fantastic day spent in the valley and it was nice to have a hike to do since spending so much time in the car.
The hike up to the Tigers nest was great and Thai and Kinse made sure that we set the pace and took our time getting up. We really appreciated that there was never a rush and if we wanted more time to rest we were able to do so. Even told us were the best picture spots were on the trail to get the perfect picture of the monastery. Thai was even so nice as to get our prayer flags that we had bought blessed by one of the monks that were there. We really appreciated that and meant a lot to us. They were with us the hole way and made sure they explained the history and the different temples we visited there that day. Even had a fantastic homestay meal after our hot stone bath which was a great way to cap off a fantastic day.
I received an email to leave a review with Druk Asia but felt that the level of service we have received and how all the guides, drivers and office staff have made us feel like family we felt we had to leave more then just a review. Everybody was so professional and knowledgeable that it made Bhutan such a special place we have visited and will always stay with us and the friendships we have formed and the good and special times we have had at various points of the tour. The accommodations and meals where fantastic and enjoyed every meal we had during the tour. Also, everyone was so great with my food allergies and it was never an issue with a meal. Amy and I wanted to say Thank you to the whole team for making this such a life changing trip with the history, culture and really inviting us into your family. We really cant say enough good things about everyone we came across with Druk Asia.

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    December 2019
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