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Impressive, discovery and unforgettable place

Kuzuzangpo La Sonam,

We hope everything is fine with you and your staff.

The Tour was well organized and we appreciated to be guided by Kinley and Thinley (our very skilled driver) and to stay with them all the time. It was a very impressive experience discovering new and unforgettable places and people. We were able to enjoy and relax at the same time, and this made our trip full of real satisfaction.

I can't say if it was in line with the expectations, but for sure we were in the condition to appreciate everything with no hurry , in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Very impressed by the luxury nature experience. We were able to stay at Jambhay Lhakhang Festival , first experience were you try to understand the meaning of dances, costumes, musics.

The second experience was with Prakhar Drubchen Festival where we were really part of the stenography with an unforgettable experience, I don't know how many shots we got , really living the event.

Thanks to you all we have realized our dream.

Ciao Ciao

  • Angelo & Giovanna

    October 2012
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