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Kadrinchey For This Most Wonderful Experience

I must say my friends and I definitely enjoyed your country especially with your very entertaining and energetic tour guide Kuenzang and very able driver Tandin who also turned out to be a great photographer.

Being with Kuen & Tan more than doubled tripled or even quadrupled the fun we had. Thimphu was not too exciting for us except for that we got to see and speak with your current King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck when he was visiting the stupa built in honor of his grandfather. He actually asked us where we are from, welcomed us to Bhutan then briefly engaged us in a short conversation. Wow, he is so nice & very eloquent!

Punakha had very beautiful sights and the view from our hotel was stupendous. The drives up to Dochula Pass & Chelela Pass had such great views and so was the drive to Haa Valley. But of course, the greatest thing that happened to us was that we made it up to Tiger's Nest which is mostly what this trip was all about. And certainly we got to the top with Kuen & Tan patiently helping us all along the way.



Kadrin chhey for this most wonderful experience.

Thank you again & our best compliments to you, Kuen & Tan.


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    April 2017
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