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I've been thinking about visiting Bhutan since I was backpacking in Nepal 20+ years ago

I've been thinking about visiting Bhutan since I was backpacking in Nepal 20+ years ago. Finally got the chance with a family trip this April made possible (and largely stress-free) by Druk Asia. They responded immediately, took the time to understand our needs and tailored an experience for us quickly. With so many operators to choose from, you want to go with one that has the experience to back it up - that's these guys. You can customize the number of days, specific interests to include, etc.
There is an online portal to see all your tour details. The tour itself was incredible as Bhutan is on another level...such a world apart from anywhere, and that's coming from someone who's visited 100+ countries. They're traditional dress, devout Buddhist traditions, incredible vistas and shrines, the art, the archery, food... it's all part of the charm. We had our own private family-of-three tour with an incredible guide (Kinley) and driver (Sonam) who operate as SoulTrips in Bhutan. They took care of our every need, were very flexible, easy to communicate with, and were so kind to our young daughter. We were provided with a traditional “gho” (men) and “kira” (women) to wear for a couple days for photo ops at the dzongs which thrilled our daughter so much we had to buy her one to take home. We traveled in April which was a bit cloudier that we'd hoped so if I visit again, it would be October when you have a good chance of seeing all the white peaks. Either way though, there is no bad time to visit Bhutan save monsoon season... so much to do and see. We went as far east as Phobijkha Valley as we had 6 nights only, but many go further to Bumthang. One bit of advice for those interested... you will need to do a wire transfer for payment which is totally legit - just a bit nerve wracking making sure you have the forms correct at the bank. I hope they work out some sort of online payment portal in the future (PayPal or the like). Anyhow, don't put it off. Contact Druk Asia and go.

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  • Dan Murphy

    April 2024
  • From
    United States

  • Guide
    Kinley Dhendup Soul Trips

  • Hotel
    Dewachen Resort, Dewachen Resort, Dewachen Resort, Dewachen Resort

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