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Nothing can be better than to be back to the land of the Dragon Thunder

Nothing can be better than to be back to the land of the Dragon Thunder, Bhutan. From 18th - 27th April 24' was my 2nd visit to this beautiful place. For these 10days I had another most memorable & amazing days. Being a solo traveller in Bhutan, we will tends to have plenty of concerns and doubts but I can only said with DrukAsia Team. I feel 100% safe & at home. From the frontline where we arranged the itinerary in Bhutan & queries. Ugyen definitely had provided a top notch service.
To end my review I must give a Shout -Out to my Guide Sonam & Driver Dorji. 

Sonam not only he is very professional & knowledgeable, he is also very attentive to my needs & requests. He & Dorji will always try to arrange to satisfy my requests🤭Not only these, he is also very patient, polite & thoughtful. Though was my 2nd visit. He never assumed. He would always ask to make sure I feel fine at all time throughout. During our trekking on Bumdra Trek, I am extremely touched & thankful to him. Being a city auntie, I am really very slow & fear of falling. His strong sense of responsibilities made me feel very safe and I am always his priority🙏 For Dorji as a driver, he is always very careful with his driving to make sure I feel comfortable. When crossing humps or bumpy road he will be extremely careful. Sonam & Dorji are great partners.They worked together very seamlessly to create another beautiful trip in Bhutan for me. Thank you guys❤️

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  • Joanie Tan

    April 2024
  • From

  • Guide
    Sonam Lhendup B

  • Hotel
    Rema Resort, Rema Resort, Rema Resort, Rema Resort, Rema Resort

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