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Throughout our sojourn, we found ourselves deeply appreciative of the unwavering commitment exhibited by Sonam Lhendulop

Throughout our sojourn, we found ourselves deeply appreciative of the unwavering commitment exhibited by Sonam Lhendulop A to ensure our comfort, enjoyment, and cultural enrichment. Their demeanor remained consistently gracious, patient, and amiable, fostering an atmosphere of congeniality and mutual respect. Also, utmost admirability to the safe driving of Tschering all throughout the trip of long, winding roads.

Particularly noteworthy was we did not feel rushed, (Sonam A always say take your time). This simple phrase really gave me an assurance on the vast difference from City Living (which we were trying to avoid and take a vacation from) :D

In addition, during our leisurely excursions, such as the serene contemplation of the Taktshang Monastery, Dzongs, Temples, the Phobjika nature hikes, where ample time was provided because we were curious into nature, photography, videos and culture. We made a few stops to immerse in the beauty and entirety of untouched Bhutan.

A poignant highlight of the journey unfolded at the ABC Lodge, where my birthday was celebrated with heartfelt gestures, including a delectable cake and libations, set against the backdrop of the majestic Gangtey landscape. Albeit incredibly brief, we could have stayed one more night to enjoy the panoramic landscape.

Lastly the rustic farmstay replete with the therapeutic indulgence of a hot stone bath, culminated in a transcendent experience reminiscent of quintessential Bhutanese living. This immersive encounter, underscored by the gastronomic delights of a sumptuous dinner afforded us a fleeting yet profound glimpse into the cultural tapestry of Bhutan.

Contrary to my initial anticipation, predicated upon a previous visit in the winter of 2016, the springtime vistas of Bhutan proved to be an enchanting revelation, characterized by a vibrant tapestry of blooming flora, verdant foliage, and animated wildlife. It was a National Geographic Moment or Discovery Channel moment to know the flora and fauna all around. This seasonal metamorphosis imbued our journey with a renewed sense of vitality and splendor, reaffirming Bhutan's timeless allure as a bastion of natural beauty and cultural richness.

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    May 2024
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    Sonam Lhendup A (Soul Trips)

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    Namgay Heritage, Namgay Heritage, Namgay Heritage, Namgay Heritage

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