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Memorable and Awesome 2nd Trip to Bhutan

Dear Mr Sonam,

Kuzuzangpo La! All's well from my 2nd trip to Bhutan.

I enjoyed pretty much my 2nd vacation in Bhutan. In my second trip, I got better experiences of the local life & better understanding of the country, the people & the culture. It was really an insight, especially attending the local Tshechu. I'm also very thankful to the team from Druk Asia, yourself, my guide, drivers as well as the trekking team. Thank you very much for all their hospitality!

Food & accommodation were satisfying. The guide constantly gathered feedback on any food preferences.

Trekking is indeed an experience in Bhutan. I was slightly disappointed as I was not able to complete the Jomolhari loop trek due to heavy snow the night before & we had to turn back. However, I truly understand the risks involved & that weather conditions are never predictable. I hope I will have a chance to do trekking in Bhutan again.

This is the link for my trek as well as sightseeing in Bhutan:

Both my first & second trips were memorable & awesome.

Kadin-Chhey La!


Chen Alice

  • Chen Alice

    April 2016
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