Memorable trip to Bhutan
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Memorable trip to Bhutan

About my plans to propose to Diana. In the morning, sonam immediately discreetly checked and advised that I propose to Danna on the same day after checking the Buddhist calendar.  Sonam suggested that I propose to Danna at Khamsum Yelay Namgyal Chorten which I did. Sonam also bought scarves for us which was blessed by caretaker at chorten after my successful proposal. In addition, at Thimphu, Sonam brought us to watch the King play soccer at the stadium. We also saw the queen mother at an impromptu trip. Sonam is an extremely proactive guide with a lot of initiative. On the third day, I confided to sonam to the royal gardens.

Lhaki is a very reliable and safe driver who also shared what he knows about Bhutan with us.

  • Diana Tan

    April 2015
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