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My Bhutan Experience Was Amazing And I Would Very Much Love To Go Back

Kuzu Zongpola!


Yes I almost did have tears in my eyes when I was leaving. My Bhutan experience was amazing and I would very much love to go back there when the opportunity presents itself.

Would like to take this opportunity to thank you, my guide and driver for making my trip the wonderful experience it was. From complete strangers to leaving as friends. Everyone around me was so kind and considerate, making sure that I had everything I needed; wanted and making sure I was well fed all the times. Hahaha. My favorite place would be the Punakha Dzong, every aspect of it was so surreal. The sense of calm I felt there, don't think I've ever felt anywhere else and it was amazing. Going back there just to experience that calmness is something I would definitely do again. Climbing up to Tiger's Nest was also an experience that I will never forget and I am glad that I chose to climb up and not take the pony. It was a different experience in itself, spiritually lifting. I would not have been able to get all the way to the top without Namgay's, support. He deserves a huge shoutout and thank you! Haha.

My stay was quite pleasant. Would stay the only complaint would be the road conditions and I know there is nothing much you can do on your end about it. No complaints with the food or hotel either.

Thank you once again for arranging this wonderful experience for me, I will definitely be going back to Bhutan! :D



  • Ratna Tripathi

    February 2017
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