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My Trip To Bhutan Was Incredible

My stay in Bhutan was incredible. I was treated like a V.I.P by my Guide Tshering Dorji and driver Mr. Chengela (I hope I've spelled his name correctly). They were exceptional. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they always did their utmost (with some very long days for them) to ensure I had a fantastic experience.

The hotels I stayed in were very good. The Namgay Heritage was fantastic (and absolutely beautiful!) and the Metta Resort was decent and comfortable. The staffs in both of these hotels were of a good standard and very kind. The local homestay in the farmhouse was a great experience. It was a real privilege meet the family. They took very good care of me with some fantastic food! In fact, the food throughout the tour was very good, I was very well fed!

I think the itinerary was good, and covered what was essential to see in Bhutan. My guide and drive were very good at providing excellent alternatives if a site was closed or if access to it would prove difficult or too time consuming if I wanted to do something else as well. The itinerary was tailored to my interests. Not only that, my guide even prepared things outside of the itinerary which were fantastic. The best of these was arranging a hike from Chele-la pass to a cliff side nunnery; I think it was one of the oldest in Bhutan. A stunning hike, the best I've done yet. We arrived at the nunnery just as the sun was setting, it was an incredible experience. Please find attached some pictures from this hike, unfortunately they do not do it justice, and it was so much more beautiful in person.

What was brilliant about the itinerary is that it left plenty of flexibility for the unexpected, a guide rather than a fixed schedule. If I wanted to stop at a roadside shrine or a monastery that we happened to pass, it was never any trouble for my guide and driver to go off the itinerary. I also asked Dorji if I could perhaps meet a monk or nun during my stay in Bhutan, if it was at all appropriate. He and Mr. Chengela went one step further and arranged a meeting with a highly revered Rinpoche which was a real privilege. Before meeting him we looked around the temple and as we were leaving the temple we happened to meet one of the Queen Mothers! It was an incredible honor to have a conversation with one of the members of Bhutan's royal family; entirely unexpected. That was one of the great things about this trip; it left room for these unexpected and great moments.

One of the main reasons I decided to travel to Bhutan is that it was my dream to hike to Tiger's Nest. My guide advised the best time to go and so ensured we would miss the many people who normally start the hike later. We also avoided the heat of the day which would've made the hike more challenging. My guide and driver always knew the many tips and tricks such as when the best time to see a site was and how best to experience it.

My trip to Bhutan was incredible and the services from Druk Asia have been nothing short of excellent. I only wish other travel agencies had the same standards! I will return to Bhutan again with friends and family and will not hesitate to use, and to recommend, Druk Asia along with my guide and driver.

Many thanks to Druk Asia for providing such an excellent service and for ensuring that I had an unforgettable experience of Bhutan!

Kind regards,

Alex Djain

  • Alex Djain

    October 2016
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    United Kingdom

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